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How do I get access to edit/approve my staffs’ timecards?
From the Timecard Approver Workspace, the Pay Period Close widget will display a list of your staffs’ timecards. Double click on a name and the timecard will display. Once in the timecard, view/edit the hours then click the Save button if there are changes. After reviewing the timecard click the Approvals menu and select the Approve option.

I have access to my staffs’ timecards, but am not sure how do I approve my own timecard as an employee?
From the top right click the Workspaces carousel, then click the My Information link. The My Information Workspace will open a new tab next to the Timecard Approver Workspace.

I tried to save/approve my student/part time employee’s timecard but received an error- punch already exists.
This message means there’s an overlap in time - an in and an out punch overlaps. Check the shift begin and end times for each day to ensure they do not overlap.

I owe my student/part time employee hours from a previous pay period.
You can perform a Historical Edit in Kronos (Please see Historical Edit documentation ).

When I try to enter an historical edit, I receive a message -The historical date is not in a signed off pay period.
The timecard was not signed off appropriately for the pay period in question. Payroll will need to enter the time manually for the historical time. You can contact the Payroll department (Ext. 2898) to ensure proper payment of your employee(s) for passed time owed if the historical edit cannot be made in Kronos.

When I access the Kronos page, nothing happens; I just see a message -Java Plug-in loading.
Look at the top of the screen, under the Address bar; there should be a message Install Active-X… Click the message, install the Java Plug-in(*Note* - You must be the system administrator to download the plug-in).

My student aide needs to punch in and his/her password does not work.
Make sure they’re using their Pace Portal ID and password, if this is not working contact Financial Information Systems helpdesk at ext. 22899.

What’s a transferred in employee? And how do I enter his/her time?
A transfer employee is an employee that works for more than one department at the University. Please see the Transfer Employee Documentation located on the Finance and Administration site.

I don’t see my student aide on Kronos and I received a confirmation letter from HR.
Often the timing of the receipt of the letter does not coincide with the data entry process as the information moves from Staffing & Recruitment to HR Information Systems then Kronos. If it’s a transfer employee, the student must first have a work schedule. The initial schedule is established by the FIS department. Please contact FIS at ext. 22899.

I got locked out of the system, who do I contact?
Call the Financial Information Systems department at ext. 22899 to unlock your account.

Is there any general documentation available for Kronos?
Yes, on the Finance and Administration website

I made a mistakes in my hours for the previous pay period, but I am unable to edit it - what should I do?
If the pay period is approved by your supervisor then he/she only can make these edits, if it is only approved by you then you must remove your approval first before you have the ability to make the changes. Please keep in mind if your timecard is signed-off/locked by the Payroll department then your supervisor must make the edit using the historical edit feature.

I cannot see one or more of my students/employees on my list in Kronos.
If this person is a new hire then it can take some time until he/she shows up on Kronos, if not then you need to contact the FIS department at ext. 22899

How can I record transfer hours?
Please see documentation on the Finance and Administration site.

What does historical edits means?
Historical edits are changes that an authorized employee makes to a timecard in a signed-off/locked pay period. For example, if the vacation time you took was incorrectly charged, you may be able to enter an historical edit to adjust the timecard. You cannot make historical edits for the current pay period. If it’s a transferred employee, the student must first have a work schedule. The initial schedule is established by the FIS department. Please contact FIS at ext. 22899.