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Finance and Administration

Vendor Payment

There are six ways of initiating a payment

1) Travel and Expense (T&E) Reimbursements
All reimbursements are submitted through Chrome River to reimburse staff, faculty, non-employees and students for travel and related expenses.

2) Special Payment Request Form
The Special Payment Request Form (SPRF) is only to be used for those items listed below and only in the event a purchase order is not accepted or has been encumbered. This form is not to be used to circumvent the purchasing policies. The form should be used for the following items:

  • Annuities/Royalties
  • Benefits (Employee/Death)
  • Petty Cash Book Allowance
  • Membership/Subscriptions
  • Entrance Fees
  • Program Refunds/Expenses
  • Insurance Expenses
  • Temporary Employee Agencies
  • Postage/Mail Expenses
  • Taxes, Licenses and Permits
  • Payroll Department Use
  • Legal Expenses
  • Rent/Utilities/Leases
  • College Fairs/Recruitment Expenses
  • Library Expenses
  • Charitable Donations

All other items should be encumbered through purchase orders.

3) Purchase Orders
End-users must first encumber funds via a purchase order. The invoice should be sent from the vendor directly to Accounts Payable, not to the initiating department. Accounts Payable will associate the purchase order with the incoming invoice, and then will distribute the payment. All purchase orders over $1,000.00 will need a receipt of goods/services created through E-Procurement. This allows Accounts Payable to match the invoice to the receipt and make payments for goods and services which are received. This is known as a 3-Way Match.

4) P-Card
The Purchasing Card Program is designed as an alternative to a variety of processes including petty cash, check requests and low dollar purchase orders, and is not intended to avoid or bypass appropriate procurement of payment procedures. The card is a Bank of America credit card that is issued by the Purchasing Department.

5) Petty Cash Voucher
This form is to be used for students, faculty and staff to receive immediate cash reimbursement for appropriate out-of-pocket expenses totaling less than $100 per day.

6) Independent Contractor Form
This form is to be utilized for payment of services provided by non-Pace employees only. Honorariums are one example. All independent contractors (and consultants, speaker artists, etc) must be entered into the Contract Manager system.

For more information as to which form to use, please see the Commodity Matrix on the Purchasing website.