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Finance and Administration

Employee Payments

Full time Faculty and staff are paid on a semimonthly basis. Pace University employees are compensated on a semimonthly basis on the last working day closest to the 15th and the end of the month.

Full time staff hours are recorded and paid on a current basis. The time and attendance system Kronos, captures and reports all time worked, leave taken, personal and sick days, etc. Reporting time accurately guarantee that your paycheck will be calculated accurately.

Part Time Staff

Payment is based on a two week lag. (e.g., if a student's begin date is 09-01-05, and the database record is correctly set up on the system, the first issue date of the payment will be on (09-30-05.) A pay lag is the time between the dates pay was earned and paid.

Kronos, the time and attendance system, captures and reports all time worked. Reporting time accurately and in a timely manner by the supervisors can guarantee the paycheck will be generated accurately.

Medicare Staff

  • All PaceUniversity retired employees are compensated with Medicare-B payment on a monthy basis.
  • Medicare-B recipients are encouraged to elect the option of direct deposit.
  • Medicare-B checks are generated at month end and distributed by mail.
  • W2 tax forms are not issued for Medicare-B reimbursements.