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Commodity Matrix Product or Service

Account Code

Policy &
Policy &
Policy & Procedure Policy & Procedure Policy &
Policy &
Policy & Procedure Policy &
Policy & Procedure
Marketing Website Develop E22803     X     X      
Medical E23001     X     X      
Musicians E22902     X     X      
Other Homeless Service E23402     X     X      
Other Unitrusts E23401     X     X      
Programatic Editing & Proofread E23204     X     X      
Programatic Grading & Reading E23203     X     X      
Programatic Reconciliation Svce E23202     X     X      
Programatic Translating E23201     X            
Reproduction Svcs Photocopying E20101     X   X        
Reproduction Svcs Blue Prints E20102     X   X        
Veterinary E23002     X            
Books and Directories E19003


  X X X        
Building and Maintenance E19401     X            
Computer Accessories E19202


  X   X        
Computer Minor Equip. E19201     X            
Computer Software E19203     X            
Flowers E20004 X   X X          
General Office E19602 X   X X X        
Instruction and Lab E19001 X     X X       X
Letterhead Business Cards E19604                 X
Medical E19002     X            
Minor Furniture E19701     X            
Non-Computer Minor Equip E19801 X X X X          
Reproduction Svcs (Kinko's, etc) E19606 X X X X X        
Tickets E20001     X            
Uniform Cap Gown Costume E20002     X            
Water, Bottled & Water Cooler E20003     X            
Airline and Train E21205 X                
Car Rental E21206 X   X            
Car Taxis Bus Train E21207 X                
Gas E21201 X                
Mileage E21202 X                
Parking E21203 X                
Tolls E21204 X                
Travel and Entertainment:
Alcoholic Beverages E21604 X   X            
Conference Registration Fee E21801 X   X            
Lodging and Hotel E21401 X                
Capital (Items >$2,000):
Cap Bud Furn & Fix Floor Covering E30801     X            
Cap Bud Furn & Fix Furniture E31802     X            
Cap Bud Furn & Fix Others E31803     X            
Cap Bud Office Equipment E33101     X            
Cap Computer Equipment E33001     X            
Memb & License Accreditation E25001   X X            
Memb & License Consortia E25003   X X            
Memb & License Professional Orgs E25002   X X            
Memb & License Other E25004   X X            
Professional Fees:
Admin Acctng & Auditing E22401     X     X      
Admin Clipping Agencies E22411     X     X      
Admin Collection Services E22405     X     X      
Admin EDP & Computer Svce E22408     X     X      
Admin Insurance Conslt E22403     X     X      
Admin Legal E22402     X     X      
Admin Messenger Services E22409     X     X      
Admin Microfilm & Fiche E22407     X     X      
Admin Moving Expenses E22412     X     X      
Admin Payroll Services E22404     X     X      
Admin Recruiting Agencies E22410     X     X      
Admin Telecommunication E22406     X     X      
Catering Services-Lackmann E21605     X            
Coffee Services E20003     X            
Event Coordinator E22901     X     X      
Flowers E20004 X   X X          
Maint Air Conditioning E22607     X     X      
Maint Architectural E22601     X     X      
Maint Athletic Officials E22610     X     X      
Maint Cleaning Services E22604     X     X      
Maint Exterminating E22608     X     X      
Maint General Contractor E22611     X     X      
Maint Elevator Services E22605     X     X      
Maint Engineering E22602     X     X      
Maint Security Services E22603     X     X      
Maint Snow Removal E22609     X     X      
Maint Trash Removal E22606     X     X      
Marketing Design & Layout E22802     X     X      
Marketing Photography E22801     X     X      
Meals Donor E21603 X                
Meal Staff E21601 X                
Meal Student E21602 X                
Travel Other E22202 X                
American Express Corporate Card N/A                 X
Cellular Phone E28206 X           X    
Honorariums Non-Student Speakers E25202               X  
Honorariums Student Speakers E25201               X  
Photocopy Machines E36402             X    
Postage non-Promo General Business E25801     X            
Prof Publications Subscriptions E25101   X X            
Professional Publications E01175 X   X            
Repair Services Equipment E23501     X            
Repair Services Furniture E23502     X            
Repair Services Grounds E23503     X            
Rapair Services Building E23504     X            
Repair Services Vehicle E23505     X            
Security E37601           X      
Telephone Basic Services E28201 X                
(1) All contracts must follow the requirements detailed in the Contract Management Policy.