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Financial Aid

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

Maintaining Eligibility for Financial Aid

Official evaluation of SAP is run after each Spring semester.

Each student must elect the Pass/Fail option for any individual courses for the Spring 2020 semester.  The deadline to submit this decision is April 27, 2020.

This page is intended to assist academic advisors and students with questions regarding the Pass/Fail policy for the Spring 2020 semester and its impact on a student's financial aid and academic progress.

What is the QPA requirement for my Merit Scholarship?

What are the specific SAP requirements for my academic program?

How do I determine what my GPA/QPA will be after Spring 2020?

  • Log into your Degree Works dashboard through MyPace Portal and click the "GPA Calc" tab to utilize the "Term Calculator" to estimate what your cumulative GPA will be after Spring 2020.
    • Manually remove any courses and credits for Summer 2020 or Fall 2020 and any courses and credits that you are anticipating a "Pass" grade for to accurately estimate your Spring 2020 GPA.
  • A "Pass" grade earned for Spring 2020 will not impact your cumulative QPA, however a "Fail" grade will negatively impact both your QPA and Completion Rate.

How do I determine my Completion Rate?

  • Completion Rate (pace) is defined as the rate at which you are progressing (moving) through your program of study.  It is calculated by dividing the cumulative number of credit hours the student has successfully completed by the cumulative number of credit hours the student has attempted.
  • Use the SAP Completion Rate Calculator (PDF) (works best using Google Chrome) to help determine your Completion Rate.
    • Please include all transfer credits earned in the "credits attempted" and "credits completed" totals.
    • All classes where a "W" grade was earned should be included in the "credits attempted" total.

Will selecting my courses to be Pass/Fail for Spring 2020 impact my current financial aid?

  • Switching to Pass/Fail will not impact your current 2019-2020 financial aid.  

If you need to appeal your academic progress for Federal or Institutional financial aid, please complete the Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal form using your MyPace username and password.

Contact a Financial Aid Counselor with Questions Regarding your SAP-Pass/Fail Options