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Financial Aid

Steps After You Apply

Once you have completed your FAFSA for the year and submitted any additional applications for aid, there are some steps you should take in order to secure the best possible financial aid package from Pace University.

The steps below apply to both Undergraduate and Graduate students who are newly admitted or currently enrolled.

After You Have Completed The Fafsa

  • Receive and review your Electronic Student Aid Report (eSAR) from the Federal Processor about 1-2 weeks after you have completed your FAFSA.
  • Read all information sent to you from the Pace University Financial Aid office.
  • If you receive notice about missing or inconsistent FAFSA information, be sure to make the appropriate updates and/or submit any documentation required by the due dates listed.
  • Upon receipt, read and review your Financial Aid Award letter from Pace University.
  • Log in to your MyPace Portal to check your:
    • Financial Aid status (to check for any holds or additional requirements)
    • Aid Eligibility
    • Accept or Decline your Financial Aid awards
  • Note: Simply accepting your aid does not confirm your bill payment. Be sure to follow up with the Office of Student Accounts about your Financial Aid disbursements to your bill.
  • Notify the Financial Aid Office of any changes to your enrollment or living arrangements while attending Pace University.
  • Keep up to date with and be sure you maintain aid eligibility and renewal requirements.

For step-by-step instructions on how to accept your Financial Aid and/or submit your Scholarship Agreement form on MyPace Portal.

Once You Have Accepted Your Financial Aid

Certain types of Financial Aid require additional steps after you have accepted them.

See below for our list of Financial Aid Next Steps:

Pace Scholarships
Most Pace University scholarships require the completion of a separate Scholarship Award Agreement form. Once you have accepted your award, click on the Scholarship Award Agreement Form requirement link under your "Outstanding Requirements" on your MyPace Portal to electronically sign and submit your Agreement form to the Financial Aid Office.

Federal Work Study
If you decide to accept Federal Work Study as part of your Financial Aid award, you will be eligible to become a Student Employee. Student employees are very important to the University. They assist in almost every office/department of the University.

A work study experience will allow you the opportunity to become a productive member of the University community and earn money, while developing important job skills. A work study job is not guaranteed. Please apply for open positions through the Pace Human Resource Office. If you become employed, you will be paid directly by check twice a month for the hours worked during the previous pay period.

Federal Direct Loans
If you are accepting a Federal Direct Loan for the first time, you can complete the required Entrance Counseling and Master Promissory Note.

If you have accepted any Federal Direct Loans and drop below 6 credits or are about to graduate, you will need to also complete Exit Counseling here.

You can check the status of any Federal Direct Loans or grants you were awarded by logging into your NSLDS account. You will need the FSA ID you created to sign your FAFSA in order to sign into NSLDS.

Information From The Pace University Financial Aid Office

The Financial Aid Office will communicate with students through the Pace email and MyPace Portal. Be sure to activate and check your email regularly. We also routinely communicate with students by U.S. mail.

When contacting the office, be sure to have available: student name and the University ID number (nine digit numbers beginning with U--). Be sure to include this information in all written correspondence, voice mail, or email as well.

Communications with parents will be shared if the student has signed an Authorization to Disclose Information Education Records Form. (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act "FERPA"). Some of the offices that can share information with parents once a FERPA Authorization has been signed are:

  • Dean of Students - housing
  • Student Accounts – billing and account balances
  • Registrar - grades
  • Financial Aid – status of awards

For more information, or to complete the FERPA form, please visit our FERPA policy page.

Note: the Financial Aid Office will not share parent tax information with the student.

For additional information or inquiries about your Financial Aid, email the Financial Aid Office or call (877) 672-1830.