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Government and Community Relations


The Office of Government and Community Relations hosts several outstanding events that strengthen the University’s image and identity. These high profile events create valuable interaction for our students with our elected officials, various community leaders and other constituents.

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NYC Campus Master Site Plan Construction Update #1

June 23, 2017

1 Pace Plaza

The NYC Master Plan project is now underway. The site construction fence that will be in place in front of 1 Pace Plaza will begin to go up on Friday, June 23 in the afternoon and is expected to be complete on Monday, June 26. The front of 1 Pace Plaza will be closed beginning 5:00 pm Friday, June 23, 2017 through the summer. All members of the Pace community can enter campus via Spruce Street. ADA access will be available through a new temporary courtyard entrance. Members of the Pace community with proper Pace identification may enter through the temporary courtyard entrance as well. Please direct all visitors to the 3 Spruce Street Entrance to check in at the Security desk.

The abatement work in the B‐Level is underway and will begin on the 1st floor this week. The materials will be placed in secured containers and removed from the site the same day. The elevators on the West wing (Frankfort Street side) will no longer stop on the B‐Level or 1st floor of 1 Pace Plaza. Elevator Access to the C – level and floors 2 – 6 will be available at all times from these elevator banks.

The elevators on the West building by the 9 Spruce St entrance will also service floors 2 – 6. However, please note that access to these elevators will be through the North side of the courtyard. Please look for directional signage to access these elevators.

Directional signage has been put in place throughout the building. Please look for the signage to find your way.

The Citibike station on Spruce Street will be relocated to another site in lower Manhattan.

41 Park Row

The Bookstore has moved to 157 William Street. Abatement work is underway. Similar to 1 Pace Plaza, the area has been secured for the work to occur and will be placed in secure containers to be removed from the site the same day.

Department Relocations

All department relocations are now complete. Please visit the NYC Master Plan website for more information on the new department locations.

Weekly updates will be provided during the course of construction.

Please note that some of the work is weather permitted and can be subject to change. We will notify the community with any major changes.