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Domestic Students

The University, in cooperation with Anthem BCBS Student Advantage and the Allen J. Flood Companies, Inc., have designed a mandatory/waiver Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan for domestic students attending Pace University during the academic year 2021- 2022.

The 2021-2022 Student Health Insurance Plan for domestic students attending Pace University brochure describes the terms, coverage, exclusions, and premiums of the plan. Enrolled students will not automatically receive an ID card in the mail, the insurance company will send an email to your Pace email with instructions on how to download an insurance card. A hard copy of the card can be requested at that time.

Annual Health Insurance Rates 2021-2022

  • Domestic: $3,198.00

Accident/Sickness Insurance fee

Please note that the Accident/Sickness Insurance fee will automatically be included on your student statement if you are a full-time undergraduate enrolled for 12 (twelve) credits or more, or a graduate level student enrolled for 9 (nine) credits or more. For Full-Time students enrolling in August 2021, the annual cost (12 months) is $3,198.00. For comparison to other health plans this relates to a monthly premium of $267.

Health Insurance Waiver

The deadline for requesting a waiver for the Annual Term is September 24, 2021 for the annual coverage; February 09, 2022 for the Spring term coverage; June 09, 2022 for the Summer Session I Term coverage; and July 28, 2022 for the Summer Session II Term coverage. Students who register after the first day of classes will be permitted to submit the waiver request within seven (7) calendar days of the date of their registration. Requests for waivers received after these dates will not be honored, so please file early. You only need to waive once for the academic year. If you waive the Annual Term, you do not need to waive for the Spring or Summer terms.

Providing false information on an on-line waiver or letting existing coverage lapse without informing the Office of the Registrar may result in a charge for Pace Insurance coverage to the student’s account and/or disciplinary action. The University or its agent(s) reserves the right to verify information regarding alternate coverage provided by the student as part of his/her on-line request to waive out of the Pace Student Health Insurance Plan.

Part-time students

Any part-time student registered for six (6) or more credits may purchase the Pace Insurance Plan. All students enrolled in the Pace Insurance Plan may also enroll a spouse, domestic partner, and/or child (children). Please see the Part-time Student and Dependent Enrollment Form for details. These Enrollment Forms are available at the Company’s website at


Please feel free to contact the Plan Administrator, The Allen J. Flood Companies, Inc. at (800) 734-9326, or if you have any questions related to this health care insurance or coverage.

Please visit our MyStudent Medical page for more information and select Pace University from the drop down menu.