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Fall 2020 Update

Check out our lounge tour!


During the Fall 2013 semester, our lounge and offices in 1 Pace Plaza underwent an extreme renovation. Over the winter break, the staff moved into the new space. View pictures from the move (and pictures of what the space looked like during construction). In the Spring 2014, we unveiled our new space with open arms and excited faces. The lounge has now become one of our students' favorite places in Pace to hang out with friends and study.

The new lounge contains many interesting and fun features. We have a coffee/tea/hot chocolate station, with a brand new Keurig, free coffee, free tea, and free hot chocolate. We also have some fancy CoffeeMate to go with our complimentary beverages! A state-of-the-art water filtration system is available in the hallway just outside the lounge. A full sized fridge is available for students to store their lunches in. There are 2 microwaves available for students as well as plenty of plates, napkins, and utensils. The lounge also sports brand new couches and rolling ottomans for students to enjoy. A television screen is available for use, allowing students to connect their laptops to display on the big screen! We have a computer lab set up with 3 computers for students to use throughout the day for their academic needs. The new space includes a group study room, which students use to collaborate on group projects and homework. One of our favorite rooms in the new space is the video conference room, which allows for students and faculty to Skype or video conference on the screens and is used for Honors Thesis presentations. We also have 3 additional themed smaller study rooms. All rooms can be booked by our students and used for individual study, club meetings, or anything else they might need! Our students have 24/7 access to the lounge through a swiper card system they can activate by coming to our office in W207. 

The new offices in the space look great! Bill enjoys his new office filled with all of his books and papers. Jaclyn and the student aides adore their new office and took no time after the move to decorate their space.

On April 3, 2014, we held an Honors Open House, officially opening the new space up. The Provost and many Honors faculty and professors came to celebrate and check out the beautiful space. Food, of course, was served and everyone seemed to have a good time. View pictures from the Open House.

On April 14, 2014, we held a Lounge Opening Party for the students. The students enjoyed exploring the space further and enjoyed the free food. Good times were had by all!
Directory of the new room numbers for the space.

  • W207 - Main Office & Student Aide area
  • W207A - William Offutt's office 
  • W207B - Jaclyn Kopel's Office
  • W207C - Lindsey Lee's Office
  • W207D - Mohini Gobin's Office
  • W207E - Anna Shostya's Office
  • W208B - Disney Study Room 
  • W208C - Group Study Room
  • W208D - Cristian Figueroa Study Room
  • W209A - Computer Lab
  • W209B - Hogwarts Study Room
  • W209C - Broadway Study Room


Any of the study spaces are available to reserve for any Honors related event, meeting, club, or organization. Students can reserve the rooms in advance, either by stopping by the main office, putting your name and time of reservation on the calendar outside of the room you wish to use, or emailing Jaclyn Kopel ( Please provide her with your name, the name of your club/organization (if applicable), and the date and time you wish to reserve.

Any Honors faculty interested in reserving the video conference room for any reason, please email Jaclyn Kopel.

Access to the lounge

The Honors Lounge is available to all Honors students 24/7. Each Honors student will need to have their Pace ID activated by the Honors College for access to the Honors Lounge. This can be done by stopping by the Honors office and signing a lounge contract. Please see the hours listed on the lounge doors for any changes in availability of the lounge. 

A few photos from the Lounge Opening Party for the students