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Pforzheimer Honors College

2012 Honors Grant Recipients

Michelle Birch

Mentor: Dr. Maria T. Luskay
Title: The Search for a Hero
Abstract: Research, writing, production planning, filming, and editing are just some of the things that are involved in the making of a successful profile piece. Inspired by my internship with CNN Heroes, I will discuss the steps involved in making a profile piece for television. I have spotlighted my own "hero," Camille Loccisano, who started "Frankie’s Mission" in honor of her son Frankie who died from pediatric cancer. Loccisano now gives grants to children of all ages battling pediatric cancer. My video showcases Loccisano and her work.

Diana Cavallo

Mentor: Dr. Rebecca Martin
Title: From Page to Screen: The Digital Takeover of Magazines?
Abstract: This research focuses on whether or not digital magazines have actually taken over the magazine publishing industry. Many industry professionals and magazine readers are under the impression that traditional, print magazines are a "dying art" and, as such, are members of the current economic downfall. To determine whether this perception is substantiated, I examined the issues of circulation and subscription, credibility, demographics, content expansion, cost efficiency/productivity, and user experience in digital magazines as opposed to their print versions.

Molly Forman

Mentor: Dr. Maria T. Luskay
Title: A Study of an Effective News Medium: Producing the TV News Magazine Story
Abstract: As technology rapidly advances, there has been a definite corresponding shift in how news is relayed to the public. The delivery of hard news and features has changed in a way that has impacted most local dailies and small magazines; by the time printed issues are published, the news stories are just as recycled as the paper on which they were printed. The changing future of print newspapers and magazines may lead to the supremacy of broadcast and online news venues. This research project entailed an intensive course given by Maine Media Workshops designed to address this shift to broadcast news. The workshop "Producing the TV News Magazine Story" taught students to direct and produce these segments, develop the story content and ideas, enhance their writing style and structure, highlight dramatic content, and perfect the pace of the final edit.