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Pforzheimer Honors College

Fall 2011 Honors Student Showcases

Eddie Redden

The quintessential Honors students can be found in every type of organization, club, and major studies field on campus and senior, Eddie Redden, is an example of a student who makes the most of the Pace experience by being involved. As a Staten Island, New York, native, Eddie joined the Honors College as a first-year student and became a Public Accounting major. He credits the Honors College with "pointing him in the right direction," with help from Honors advisor, Professor Christopher Walther. He is currently a member of a Five Year program, hoping to receive his BBA/MBA in Public Accounting. "I chose Public Accounting," he says, "because it branches out to the most business-related fields, like the stock market and other commercial industries." He is the current treasure of Golden Key International Honor Society and of his fraternity, Delta Upsilon. Eddie has been a prominent member of Pace's Greek community as an Inter-Fraternity Council representative and as both the Vice President of Rush and Recruitment and the Secretary for Delta Upsilon. His favorite part of Pace has been the tight-knit, "second families" he found in Delta Upsilon and the Honors College. In order to keep up to date with his major field, he also joined the Accounting Society and the Lubin Business Association.

Outside of the academics and Greek life, Eddie also worked in the Welcome Center as a campus Tour Guide, showing potential students and incoming first-year students the beauty of our Pleasantville campus and giving them further insight on dorm life, class schedules, and campus involvement. While this Giants, Yankees and Knicks fan wasn't a member of any Pace sports teams, he took part in the intramural basketball, football, volleyball, and dodge ball tournaments. He spent his summer interning for IBM in Armonk, New York, which resulted in a six-month Co-Op/Supplemental Employment offer. When discussing his post-graduation plans Eddie says, "I want to complete my Public Accounting degree, be a firefighter and open up my own business on the side." His advice to first-year students is simple: Go to class, plan ahead, and enjoy your time here!

Kristen Mita

Leadership and passion are two characteristics that help define accomplished people, the very same people who play a major role in improving our local communities and Pleasantville campus. During her four years in the Honors College, senior Kristen Mita, has used these qualities to not only advance her academic career but her campus community as well. Kristen is a Psychology major and a double minor in Italian Studies and Music and can also add the titles of "Co-founder and Vice President of Glee Club," to her resume. She worked with Sara Hutton, fellow co-founder and Glee president, to get the club up and running and they are glad to see many returning faces as well as new members becoming involved. "We didn't have enough music on campus," says Kristen, when asked why, she and Hutton decided to create the club. The second year of Glee Club commenced with a karaoke event on the football field after the Information Fair on Wednesday, September 14.

In addition to her pioneering efforts in music, Kristen is a four-year veteran of the Welcome Center, having guided prospective students as a Tour Guide. She is also a member of Psi Chi, Pace's psychology honor society. Kristen is enhancing her psychology studies with her internship at the Edenwald Cottage School. She is continuing what began as her summer internship this semester, working with the school's recreation center and student art groups. Kristen is considering pursuing psychology in graduate school for Music Therapy or Child Psychology Clinicals. Kristen's favorite part about the Honors College is the small community within the large Pleasantville campus and the opportunity to take classes with familiar faces and friends who become a "support system." The New Hampton, New York, native recommends taking travel courses after the unforgettable experience she had during her "Psychology of Civic Engagement" course that brought her to Trinidad and Tobago on Spring Break of the 2009-2010 school year.

Kristen's other words of wisdom include: "Get involved! Figure out what it is that you have an interest in and go after it! Even if it means starting up your own club or organization!" Remember, Glee Club meetings are held on Sunday nights at 8:30pm in Pace Perk on the Briarcliff campus for anyone who is interested in joining!

Eden Smitelli

Many Honors students may recognize senior, Eden Smitelli, for her many leadership positions and campus community involvement. The applied psychology major from the Long Island, New York town of Plainview, has found a way to incorporate her academic studies into some of her extra curricular activities. She is the Secretary of the Psychology Club and the psychology honors society, Psi Chi, and has been involved with both organizations for two years. Eden has also been a member of UNICEF since her sophomore year and is a returning Resident Assistant in Briarcliff's Hillside dormitory. She even experienced the life of a Pace athlete during her first-year, as an outside hitter on the Women's Volleyball Team.

Eden attributes her enhanced collegiate experience to the Pforzheimer Honors College, which introduced her to the children of the Pleasantville Cottage School. Eden created a relationship with the Cottage School children and organization by attending many Honors College events designed to aid the lives of these young students. Some of her favorite events include "Decorating the Cottage School for the Holidays" and "Wrapping Gifts for Underprivileged Children." Eden explained, "I really enjoyed working with the children there and developed a passion for helping that population," in her interview. She is currently interning at the Pleasantville Cottage School's Diagnostic Center 1 for academic credit. She went on to say, "If it wasn't for the Honors College events with the Cottage School, I probably wouldn't even have this internship!"

Eden's favorite memory of Pace University was her travel course to Fiji in the spring of 2009. This course opened her eyes to all of the opportunities that college has to offer and she would like to be part of another Pace travel course. "I want to see the world now," she said, "while I'm young and don't have anything holding me down." Eden's advice to Honors College first-year students is to make a four-year plan. She used the campus resources of the Career Services offices to help her begin the planning process. "Ask as many questions as you can, no question is ever stupid!" she says. Eden also reiterates the key concept of Pace University's campus life: Get involved with a lot of organizations and clubs. She also recommends that students take courses with Drs. Keegan and Hundersmarck during their time here.

Like many graduating seniors, Eden's post graduation plans include graduate school. She intends to earn her PsyD, the psychology equivalent of a PhD. She is focused now on studying for her GRE and then spending her time on graduate school applications. Eden would like to work with children and adolescents in the future in a school environment, or maybe even her own practice. Her other future ambitions include joining the Peace Corps for a few years, which will surely be another unforgettable experience. "Putting yourself out there is really what makes your college experience!"

Kyle Turnier

Kyle Turnier is an Honors College senior from Waterford, Connecticut, who knows the importance of mastering time management skills to achieve academic excellence and the complete college experience. As a Finance major with a Psychology minor, he has exposed himself to very different spectrums of academics during his four years at Pace.

In addition to experiencing the full realm of learning, Kyle made himself a more well-rounded student through athletics. He has been a member of the Setter's baseball team for four years. Being a successful student athlete requires a great understanding of time management, in order to complete all course requirements, while maintaining team practices and game schedules. Some of Kyle's best memories of Pace University include making lasting friendships and memories with his teammates.

He also recognizes that, as a member of the Honors College, his coursework was significantly more challenging but definitely worth it. Kyle advocates what many Honors alumni say: Having the prestige of the "Pforzheimer Honors College" on a college transcript works wonders in job and internship interviews. Another reason he feels he benefitted from the Honors College are the many community service opportunities he had participated in during his time at Pace. Some of his favorite Honors events include the "Honors Open Meeting," "Volunteer for the Westchester Food Bank" Presentation, "Wrapping Gifts for Underprivileged Children" and the annual, "Hunger Banquet." Some of Kyle's favorite professors include Dr. Russell, Professor Weishaus, and Professor Walther, all of whom he highly recommends.

When asked about his advice for incoming students and first-year students he says, "Remember to stay on top of your work early on in the semester. This will help you make the most of your four years here." Kyle's post-graduation plans focus on acquiring a long-term position in the financial industry. We wish him the best of luck in his final year at Pace and his future financial endeavors.

Victoria Keck

Victoria Keck an Honors College senior and Nursing major, has mastered the art of multi-tasking during her time at Pace. The Wappingers Falls, New York native has been a member of the Equestrian Team since fall 2008, a sister of Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority and Welcome Center Tour Guide since spring 2009, the Marketing and Publicity Chair of SAAC (the Student Athletic Advisory Committee) since fall 2010, and joined the Yearbook staff this semester. Victoria's favorite Pace memories are centered around the incredible people she met at here, from transforming the simplest grocery store trips into full blown adventures, to dancing the night away at her first Relay for Life, and embracing the beginning of her first spring in Pleasantville. "These are moments I will really miss when I graduate in a few short months" she confesses. After graduation, Victoria plans to study hard for the NCLEX exam to become a registered nurse. Her ultimate goal is to work in a hospital emergency room.

Victoria's involvement in the Honors College allowed her to take many interdisciplinary courses and broadened her horizons. "I never would have taken a course with Professor Weishaus [her favorite professor at Pace] if it weren't for the Honors College," she says. Victoria recommends Professor Weishaus to Honors Students taking any history, politics, or environmental-based classes. "Pathophysiology and the Media" was her favorite Honors College course because, "it combines two things I love, medicine and medical TV shows for a class for credit. It can't get much better than that!" Being in the Honors College also allowed her to meet an array of new people and listen to department presentations in her Honors University 101 class with Professor Walther. This helped her identify campus resources and she also fondly remembers that her UNV101 team, the Buchsbaum Billy Goats, won the "Quest for the Cup" that year.

Victoria's advice to Honors College first-year students is simply, "Get Involved!" "The people who hate their college experience are the same people who sit in their rooms and do nothing," she says. While she understands that college is initially an overwhelming experience, she encourages students to embrace this new place and join clubs, organizations, or sports teams. "Never be afraid to do something because none of your friends are doing it," Victoria says, "take advantage of every opportunity at Pace and I guarantee you will have unforgettable experiences like I did."

Tomas Pimentel

Originally from the Dominican Republic, Honors College senior, Tomas Pimentel, is graduating in May with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance. He has received an offer to work full-time next year with the JPMorgan Chase & Co. Operations Analyst Program. Tomas hopes to start his investment banking career with JPMorgan. On campus, students recognize the now Brooklyn native, as a Hermano or brother, of La Unidad Latina, Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity since spring of 2009. He was the Founding Hermano of the Beta Gamma Chapter in Pleasantville.

Tomas's favorite Pace memory was the opportunity to represent Pace Pleasantville at the National Conference of Student Leadership in Washington, D.C. This unique experience allowed Tomas to interact with student leaders and representatives from across the country. By working with different groups of students, he learned the fascinating ways in which other schools and students facilitate events on their respective campuses. Tomas's college experience was enhanced by being a prominent member of the Honors College. Like many students, he appreciates the chance to take intriguing and exclusive Honors courses. "These classes were challenging," he says, "but inherently interesting and thought-provoking, like "Religions of the Globe" and "Racial and Ethnic Minorities," his favorite course. The Honors College added what he called, "richness" to his academic careers by encouraging him to grow from each classroom and campus experience. He also attended many Honors College events during his time at Pace, including the "Make-A-Wish Foundation Presentation." the "NAMI Presentation," the annual "Wrapping Gifts for Underprivileged Children" event, the Honors Open Meeting and the Honors Independent Research Conference.

Tomas counts Dr. Marie Werner as one of his biggest inspirations because of her passionate drive to help and teach her students. He encourages Honors College first-year students to truly step out of their comfort zones and embrace all of the academic, social and service opportunities that Pace has to offer.