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Pforzheimer Honors College

Spring 2010 Honors Student Showcases

Federico Younes

Federico Younes is not your typical 21-year-old Honors College student. This young man comes from Quito, Ecuador. Federico was introduced to the thought of studying abroad because Mr. Jose Infante, from Pace’s Welcome Center, visited his high school and kept in touch thereafter. It was through this contact that Federico decided to apply to Pace-- despite his parents not being too happy about having their son live in another country for at least four years.

The Computer Science program was another reason that Federico came to Pace. He is majoring in Computer Science with minors in Math and Business. It is not surprising that he is a Computer Science major, especially considering his passion for video games, sci-fi, and he builds computers, for fun!

Aside from his love of technology, Federico enjoys music and being around his fraternity brothers of Alpha Phi Delta. His involvement in Alpha Phi Delta is his favorite experience at Pace because of the friends he has made. APD also helped Federico adjust to living away from home. When reflecting on being away, he says, "Having to detach yourself from everyone you know and from the place where you have lived for so long, takes a while, but it is an incredible learning experience."

Federico has also met many people thanks to the Honors College. Community service is another passion of Federico’s and the Honors College has given him plenty of opportunities to do just that. He also does not mind being given free ice-cream or any of the other foods that are supplied at Honors events. His favorite ones include Wrapping Gifts for Underprivileged Children and the trip to Six Flags.

Come time for graduation, Federico plans to stay in the U.S. and work. His work experience features being an Associate Software Engineer at Link Technology in Valhalla. He has also interned at The Dannon Company which provided him with the experience of seeing Los Angeles, CA for a week.

Jessica Calamera

Many students at Pace enjoy some sort of extracurricular activity or hobby, but few have one like 20-year-old sophomore, Jessica Calamera. This Math and Adolescent Education major spends much of her free time writing songs and performing with her two bands. One band, "A Few 2 Many," is being pursued to be the center of a new reality television show. For the next six months, Jess and her family will be filmed as the reality show follows her band pursuing a record deal, as well as her party band, Over the Top, which features her family.

Jessica may no longer be known as a Pace student, but rather a reality television star, and hopefully one day, be known as a major recording artist. Her music story actually began when she was about 11 years old writing music. She started the band when she was 14 and has been working extremely hard ever since. These efforts paid off when she was 16 and was accepted into The American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers. This society allows musicians to register music and to collect performance royalties if their music is used, as well as many other career benefits. When it comes to her music, her band, and her current situation, Jessica says, "I could not feel happier and more blessed that I am being given this opportunity."

Although she has many things going for her in the music world, it was important for Jessica to go to college. She chose Pace because of the Education program and how close it is to home. Living in Yorktown Heights, Jessica enjoys commuting to her classes everyday.

Another thing Jessica enjoys is being in Honors College. She loves the support system that Honors provides through the advising, the study room, and the family-feel she gets from it. Among all the Honors events that take place, the Ice-Cream Icebreaker is her favorite event.

Jessica’s future has many possibilities. If music does not become a career for her, she would like to become a teacher. If you would like to learn more about her band or listen to some of their music, you can visit the website

Mandy Albers

Mandy Albers is a 22-year-old Senior who can be found over on the Braircliff campus in New Dorm. She is a Marketing major with a concentration in Advertising and Promotion and is minoring in Accounting. This Monroe, NY, native decided to come to Pace because of the business program and because the campus is close enough to home and to New York City. Mandy also says that after visiting the campus she realized, "I just liked it here." The attractive Pleasantville campus lured Mandy in-- just like it has so many other Pace students.

Mandy keeps busy by being a part of the Ad team. This is her second year taking part in the club. In order to prepare for the district competition in May, Mandy and her team must complete a 32-page plan book and a 20-minute presentation. It was at this district competition last year that Mandy and her team finished in second place. This feat is something that is considered by Mandy to be one of her favorite accomplishments here at Pace. She also has had an internship with Sony Music working for RCA Records. Through the internship she gained experience in digital marketing, and she was in charge of updating artists’ websites and fan pages. Some artists included Alicia Keys, Kings of Leon, Daughtry, and Kelly Clarkson.

Being a member of the Honors College has played a major role in Mandy’s experience here at Pace. She loves the events that are held, especially when it involves working with the Pleasantville Cottage School children. Her favorite event is the Easter Egg Hunt where quality time is spent with the children from the PCS. Mandy has also enjoyed the cooking class and rock climbing events. Her favorite overall experience came during the making of a video presentation with fellow Honors students Katie Werner and Chris Uhlick for her MGT 250 class.

After graduation Mandy will be like most graduating students, looking for a job that provides happiness. She also wants to re-locate to be within 30 minutes of New York City. Her words of advice for those students who are still trying to figure things out are, "Find something you like to do; join clubs, get internships, and try to figure out what you want to do."

Melissa Muckle

Many students wonder what they are going to do after they graduate, but Melissa Muckle has a firm grasp on all those details. This 22-year-old Wolcott, CT, native will be a Staff Accountant at PricewaterhouseCoopers after she leaves Pace University. Melissa has the luxury of having a full-time job waiting for her because she interned with the firm through the help of the CO-OP and Career Services here at Pace.

Pace landed such an accomplished student because of the reputation the Accounting program has here. Melissa knew she wanted to study Accounting and found out that Pace’s 5-year Masters Program is extremely well-regarded. Currently, Melissa is completing the Masters in Public Accounting, while also minoring in Math. In order to keep her accounting skills sharp, she holds a position at Stolt-Nielsen as a Treasury Intern.

The Honors College was another reason that Melissa decided to come to Pace. The incentives that Honors provides, as the laptop, the extra scholarship, better classes, and the ability to pick classes before other students, helped make Melissa’s decision easier. Melissa also enjoys the Honors College events; her favorite event was the Shrek Musical on Broadway.

When not working or studying, Melissa enjoys spending time with her friends up at the Townhouses, where she currently resides. Living in the Townhouses has been Melissa’s favorite experience at Pace because of the bonds she has formed with her housemates and neighbors. She remains active by playing volleyball, which she played throughout her high school years. Another way she relaxes is by watching movies, her favorites being "Four Brothers" and "The Holiday."

After she completes her five years at Pace, Melissa plans to move to Stamford, CT, so she can be closer to her future office at PricewaterhouseCoopers. She also will seek to earn her Certified Public Accountant license.

Rami Naber

Rami's page is the wrong bio. His bio is Jessica Calamera's bio

Robert Spence

Most 21-year-olds are worrying about graduation and what will happen afterwards. Robert Spence is ahead of that curve as he is already in Pace Law school. Robert finished his undergraduate studies in three and a half years and was a member of the first Pace Law Spring start program when it began in January 2010. Earning his degree in Environmental Law, Robert wants to complete the Juror’s Doc in Environmental Law by 2012 and apply his knowledge to work in the automotive industry or construction.

Not only has Robert finished his undergraduate studies ahead of time, but he also has his own business. Started in 2008, Robert’s "Good Guys Services" is a full-service residential painting and home renovations and landscaping division. Prior to his own business, Robert did construction for Cappelli Enterprises.

This impressive young man hails from Valhalla, NY and commutes to Pace. He decided to come to Pace because of the proximity to home. The Environmental Law program offered at Pace was another aspect that interested Robert. While attending Pace, Robert found something else he enjoyed, and that was the Model U.N, which provided his favorite experience, a trip to Amsterdam to compete in the Harvard World Conference.

Robert has accomplished much since he arrived at Pace University. His favorite achievement has been getting into Law school and completing his undergraduate studies without incurring any debt. A young man with such a high level of success must have some inside knowledge or secret. When asked, Robert offers this advice, "Keep on your credits and your courses, GPA counts when it comes to Graduate school." Robert definitely followed his own advice.