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Housing New York City

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Single (there are very few singles available, and single accomodations cannot be guaranteed) $3,500 per resident per summer session
Double $2,205 per resident per summer session
Triple $1,925 per resident per summer session
  • Winter Housing - The deadline to complete the winter break housing application is December 11, 2017 at the close of business. Students may apply for winter housing through MyHousing, located in the "student" tab of their Pace Portal. All students applying for winter break housing after December 11th are subject to a late application fee of $200. Students wishing to remain on campus for any portion of winter break, for any reason, are required to apply for break housing. All students remaining for winter break will be billed $1000 (to their Winter 2017/18 term account) to cover the cost of break housing. Students staying on campus for any portion of the winter break must pay for the entire winter break. There are no partial charges for winter break housing. Winter break housing fees will be applied to your account AFTER December11th. Please be sure to read the Winter Housing application carefully for complete details about winter housing.