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Returning Students Room Reservation Process

Room Reservation for the 2020-2021 Academic Year


Students planning to return to housing for the next academic year must participate in the Room Reservation process to reserve a room. Returning students who do not participate in this process will not be guaranteed housing for the fall semester.

This information sheet explains the Room Reservation Process in detail. Please read this information carefully so that you can successfully meet all of the requirements for securing housing for 2020-2021.

As you are aware, due to the current situation with COVID-19, the institution has moved to distance learning, changing many daily routines and procedures. One of the procedures that will be changing during this time is our Room Reservation Process for the Fall 2020. Please read the updates below, and refer to the updated Room Selection timeline at the bottom of this email.

Step 1:

Apply & Deposit - DEADLINE June 15th at 5PM - Deposits have been deferred until June 1st and must be submitted by June 15th

The housing application usually requires a $400 prepayment deposit of the fall housing charge, we understand how difficult things are for many students and their families right now. For this reason, from this point forward we are waiving the deposit for students who apply between now and June 1.

The online application and deposit process will require students to log on to My Housing (located in the “student” tab of the Pace Portal). MyHousing allows students to submit their deposit AND completed their online application. Once this is done, students are be entered into the “fall 2020 NYC Room Reservation process” pool (upon completing the online application, returning students will receive an email confirmation that they are ready for the next step in the process; if you do not receive a confirmation email upon submitting your application, email the Manager for Residence Assignments, Vinn Randazzo ( Students who have been entered into this pool will be able to connect their applications to others in the pool, so that connected roommates may select a room at the same time through the online room selection process.

Online Room Selection appointments cannot be scheduled until all online applications have been submitted. The deadline for completing the online application and deposit is June 15th at 5PM.


  • Linking with Roommates/Suitemates
  • Roosting
  • Seeking Medical Accommodation
  • Participating in All Gender Housing
  • Attempting to select a Single through the online process (Limited Space)


Step 2: The Room Reservation Processes (Optional)

IMPORTANT – there are TWO WAYS to select your room:

  • In-person Selection: for students who have applied for and been approved for a medical accommodation and students who wish to “roost” in their current room assignment for next year. See below for details and restrictions of the roosting process.
  • Online Selection: For students who do not participate in one of the In-person processes above and have linked with one or more roommates to fill a room. Please remember, if you are not linked with another student, you will NOT NEED to go online during this time and will be placed by the office of Residential Life and Housing.

You will receive an automated email shortly after submitting your online application in apply and deposit, you will receive an email confirming that you have been added to the “fall 2020 NYC Room Reservation process” pool, and noting when you can expect to receive your online Room Reservation appointment. If you do not receive this email within a few business days of submitting your online application, please contact the Manager for Residence Assignments, Vinn Randazzo (

The Accessibility or Medical Accommodations, All Gender, and Rooting Reservation Process – April 9th, 10th, 13th, 14th, and 15th

Email Vinn Randazzo Manager of Student Assignments to assist student who are taking place in medical accommodation, all-gender, roosting, or who are having application issues.

  • Accessibility or Medical Accommodations: Students who wish to request medically necessary housing accommodations must initiate the process with Student Accessibility Services (SAS). Those students who complete the request process by April 4th will be able to select their rooms on these days. Those who request (and are granted) medically necessary accommodations after April 6th will initially be assigned to a room that best meets their approved accommodation, and may later be reassigned to a room that better meets their approved accommodation on a space-available basis
  • All Gender Housing: Students interested in All Gender Housing must complete the All Gender Housing form (available in OrgSync), and AT LEAST ONE member of the group of students wishing to live together must participate in the In-Person Room Reservation Process by coming to the housing office at the times listed above to select a room.
  • Roosting: Student who wish to remain in their current room assignment for the next academic year may visit the housing office during this time to complete their Room Reservation process. Students may bring another student (or students) to be their roommate(s) as long as the roommate(s) have also completed the application and deposit stage. All students wishing to room together must be present to complete the in person process. Please note: single rooms CANNOT be roosted. Housing reserves the right to exclude other rooms from roosting. If your room cannot be rooster, housing will work with you during the “in person” selection process to help you secure a comparable room assignment.

The Online Room Reservation Process Begins April 20th

Room Reservation appointments will be sent by email on April 7th. Once you receive your appointments, write it down and remember them. These times are the earliest that you may log on to My Housing to select your room for the 2020-2021 academic year. If you do not receive this email by April 7th, please contact the Manager for Residence Assignments, Vinn Randazzo (

You will receive your appointment time indicating when you can log onto MyHousing and select your room. It is important to link with your future roommate prior to your Room Reservation time. Once you participate in the online process and select your room, you are done with the process.

At your Room Reservation appointment time, log on to MyHousing and choose your room. You will be able to choose from all rooms that are available to you based on the number of roommates with whom you are linked. Once you are linked to one or more students trying to room together (a pair or group that has properly connected with one another as roommates through MyHousing), only ONE of you will need to log on to the My Housing Room Reservation process.

The Room Reservation process will take place between the hours of 7PM and midnight on Weeknights beginning April 20th, running through the end of April. The exact time of your appointment will depend on your Room Reservation number.

What to do if…

  • Cannot access the App?
  • Missing your $100 Deposit?
  • Cannot Link with Roommate?

For these and other concerns, visit:, or email the Manager for Residence Assignments, Vinn Randazzo ( for assistance.

The absolute deadline for students to secure fall housing is June 15th.

Please remember that the housing office will begin processing cancellations on June 1; students who cancel will not receive refunds of their deposits until after that date.