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Summer Housing

The following summer housing information is ONLY for Pace University students. Other students or groups who are NOT AFFILIATED with Pace University who are inquiring about summer housing at Pace University must contact Auxiliary Services at or (212) 346-1015.

The deadline to apply for summer housing 2015 has passed. To be placed on a waitlist for summer housing, contact Shaquana Gadsden at sgadsden@pace.eduThe deadline to cancel summer housing is May 8, 2015.

Information on Summer 2016 housing will be posted by February 12, 2016.


You must be a matriculated Pace University student to be eligible for Student Summer Housing. You must also meet one or more of the following criteria for the summer term(s) in which you are being housed:

  • You must be registered for summer classes at Pace University (full or part time; proof of registration must be submitted with application)
  • You must be participating in a full or part-time academically related internship OR a full-time professional internship or job (proof of the internship must be provided with application)
  • You must be employed on campus as a student aid for no fewer than 20 hours per week (letter from employer must be submitted with application.

Summer Rates

The summer rates are as follows:

  • Double Room — $3,680 per resident per summer session
  • Triple Room — $3,150 per resident per summer session
  • "Open" Quad (studio) — $3,150 per resident per summer session
  • "Closed" Quad (2 bedroom) — $3,150 per resident per summer session

Availability, Duration and Placement

All 2015 summer housing will be in 106 Fulton. and is limited to a set number of floors in the 106 Fulton residence hall. There are no singles available. If you have a preferred room, room type, or roommate, please indicate that information with the application.

The availability of Student Summer Housing is LIMITED. A small number of rooms (quantity based on historical usage of summer housing) will be available during the following times:

  • Summer 1 Semester - Sunday, May 24, 2015 to Thursday, July 2, 2015
  • Summer 2 Semester - Sunday, July 5, 2015 to Saturday, August 15, 2015 (students must leave the residence halls by noon on Saturday August 15, 2015)

There is no intersession housing before or after the summer sessions. The residence halls will be completely vacated by residents at the close of the spring 2015 semester, and will remain vacant until summer opening on Sunday May 24, 2015. Similarly, the residence hall must be vacated by summer residents upon closing on Saturday August 15, 2015. Students in dire need of temporary housing must appeal to Shaquana Gadsden, the residence director responsible for summer housing ( In situations in which it is impossible for a student to go home during the intersession, arrangements will be made to allow the student to move in to their fall housing assignment (this applies only to students living in the residence halls for the 2015 fall semester).

Due to the limited nature of Student Summer Housing, it cannot be guaranteed. Applications will be processed on a first-come-first-served basis. Additional applicants will be placed on a waitlist and contacted if a space becomes available. Students placed on the waitlist will receive a refund of their deposit if they have not been placed by the end of the first week of the summer session for which they applied.

Summer assignments are made by the summer residence director based on the preferences submitted in each student's summer housing application. Please note that these preferences are NOT guaranteed. Placement, room selection, assignment and waitlist information will be sent to each student’s PACE UNIVERSITY E-MAIL ADDRESS. It is the student’s responsibility to insure that their e-mail account can accept messages or will forward their messages to a preferred address. Students may also check with the housing office in person in order to get the details of their placement.

The housing office reserves the right to change room assignments as necessary. During the course of the summer, residents may be required to move at the discretion of the housing office. Such moves will be implemented conservatively, but may be required to consolidate rooms and make additional bed spaces available. Such moves will not be considered grounds for any kind of refund or cancellation of the housing agreement.

Application, Deposits and Payments

The deadline to submit the online summer housing application is Friday, April 17, 2015 at 5:00 pm. The application process is as follows:

(1) Submit online summer housing application; read all instructions and policies

(2) Print the confirmation email sent to you after your application has been received

(3) Take the printed confirmation to the Office of Student Assistance (OSA) to pay the required non-refundable deposit; request a receipt

(3) Deliver a copy of the receipt and proof of eligibility to Shaquana Gadsden at the housing office located at 106 Fulton St., second floor

(4) Your room assignment and move-in information will be emailed to you on April 24, 2015

(5) Submit the full payment for your summer housing to OSA

The summer housing application is now available at the link above. Students must submit the online application, THEN submit their summer housing deposit. The mandatory room reservation deposit for Student Summer Housing will be $300 FOR EACH SUMMER SESSION. The mandatory room reservation deposit is non-refundable unless you are not placed in housing before the start of summer classes. Applications are not considered complete until the required desposit is paid.

Deposits should be made through the Office of Student Assistance, located at 1 Pace Plaza. Please bring a copy of your summer housing application email (the confirmation email is automatically sent to you when you submit your application online) when submitting your summer housing deposit. Payment is due in full at the time of check in and is non-refundable except in extreme extenuating circumstances. Appeals for refunds may be made to the director of housing, located in 106 Fulton Street. Appeals are not guaranteed, may require substantial documentation, and are at the sole discretion of the director of housing.

The deadline to cancel summer housing is May 8, 2015.

The applicant agrees to pay the University the fees in accordance with the payment schedule for the residence hall accommodations assigned by the Office of Housing & Residential Life. Student will be billed directly for their accommodations through their student account. Payments must be made to the Office of Student Assistance or through the student’s Pace One account.

The rates quoted above apply only to Pace University students. Non-Pace students wishing to stay in Pace University residence halls for the summer must contact the Pace University Auxiliary Services Office at 212-346-1015.

The rates indicated are flat rates for each summer session and may not be reduced for shorter stays. Students leaving housing for ANY REASON prior to the end of their contracted term(s) are still responsible for the full amount of their Student Summer Housing rate. Students wishing to arrange housing for a period of time less than one of the summer sessions should contact the director of housing before applying.

Residential Policies

Receipt by Pace University of the Summer 2015 Housing Agreement and Application establishes a legal, binding Agreement between the applicant (student, parent or guardian, group representative), and Pace University for Summer Housing for the 2014 summer semesters, contingent upon the availability of housing accommodations on the Pace NYC Campus.

The University reserves the right to determine and assign the housing space to be occupied by the student and to reassign alternative accommodations as circumstances warrant.

All residents of Pace University Housing are subject to the University Guiding Principles and all other policies of the university. Violations of any university policy may result in removal (without refund) from Pace University residence halls. Allegations of policy violation may be brought forth by representatives of the office of housing and residential life, security, other residents, or any other member of the university community. Adjudication of alleged charges is the responsibility of the dean of students and his/her designee. Residents may be subject to summary removal from residence pending adjudication of policy violation. Pace University policies and judicial process can be found on the Pace website at