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Residential Life and Housing, NYC

Planning for Your Arrival

Welcome to Pace University NYC Housing!

Pace is proud to offer an exciting range of housing options. Residence Life in New York is a reflection of the city itself – dynamic, diverse, unique. Our residential program serves as a supportive environment for students to live and learn, complementing their academic education within a context that also facilitates their personal and interpersonal development. Our primary expectation of students is that they develop an understanding and appreciation of what it means to be a member of a community. To us, this means developing a respect for the varying needs of all members of the community, and behaving is such a way as to demonstrate that respect. 

Overview of Housing Assignment/Placement and Communication Timeline (for new incoming students entering in FALL)

  • May 1 – Priority date for new first-year, transfer and graduate students applying for fall housing. Students applying by this date will be guaranteed housing. Final room assignment information will not be made available until June (see below).
  • Applications after May 1 - we continue to accept housing applications. Students applying after the priority date above may be guaranteed housing on a space-available basis, but may also be placed on a waitlist. These students will receive an email with information about the waitlist, the process by which we move students from waitlist to guaranteed housing.  It should be noted that the base housing and supplemental dining charges will be applied to the accounts of all waitlist students. We continue to apply base charges to waitlist students as we get applications through the summer. We do this because we are generally able to accommodate a large number of the waitlist by the first week of the fall term (usually more than 50% are moved to guaranteed housing before check in), and we find that billing them late in the summer can make it difficult to quickly make payments, secure a payment plan, and ensure that the cost of room and board is configured into their financial aid plans.
  • Communications throughout the summer - students who are guaranteed housing will  receive emails starting in April and continuing through the summer.  These emails will cover the following content:
    • The April email will include:
      • reminders to complete the housing application, including the process for requesting roommates 
      • information regarding applying for All Gender housing
      • information regarding the Student Accessibility Services accommodation request process
      • descriptions of our room-types and their costs
    • The May email will include: 
      • reminders to individuals who have not yet completed the application
      • a reminder to finalize roommate matches
      • confirmation that the base housing and supplemental dining charges have been applied to all students who are guaranteed housing
    • The June email will include:
      • information about life in campus housing
      • directions for completing the Housing Agreement
      • room assignment information (once assigned to a room, students may look up their roommates through their MyHousing account)
      • details on how to connect to Residential Life social media 
    • The July email will include:
      • directions for completing the Pre-Arrival Checklist, an online form that will ensure student's understanding of policies and procedures in the residence halls
        information about preparing for the move in process and arriving on campus
      • a reminder of the importance of Residence Hall Insurance (also see below)
      • reminders to settle any account issues or immunization compliance concerns to ensure that there is no problem with moving into the residence halls
      • preliminary information regarding any quarantine requirements that the university may need to impose to adhere to NY State government and DOH regulations
    • The August email will include:
      • directions for choosing a move in appointment
      • final details regarding the move in process
      • final details regarding any quarantine requirements that the university may need to impose to adhere to NY State government and DOH regulations

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Overview of Housing Assignment/Placement and Communication Timeline (for students newly applying for housing for the SPRING)

  • October through January – housing deposits are collected by admissions. After deposits are submitted, students are notified by email with directions for completing the housing applocation.
  • December (late) - "base" charges and required supplemental meal plan charges are applied to student accounts; students are asked to provide housing preference information; notifications are sent to all students who have been guaranteed housing that room assignments will be made in the first week of January
  • Early January - housing assignments are made; students are sent an email with roommate name(s) and contact information and final housing and dining fee amounts
  • Late January - residence halls officially open for move in for spring semester

Residence Hall (Dorm) Insurance

Pace is not responsible personal items damaged in the residence halls. While all cases of property loss and theft are dealt with in conjunction with our Office of Safety and Security, the University is not responsible for, and will not cover the replacement cost for items that are lost, damaged or stolen.  A homeowner’s insurance policy, if available, may provide some coverage for a student’s personal property while away at university.  Stand-alone renter’s or “dorm” insurance may provide more comprehensive coverage.  This article by Consumer Reports provides an informative discussion regarding the various insurance options.  There are many companies offering this type of insurance. While Pace does not endorse or recommend any particular insurer’s policy, Consumer Reports identifies “Two companies in this field and A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau are Arthur J. Gallagher and National Student Services.”  We strongly encourage all residents to get an insurance policy that will cover the property they keep in their residence hall room.

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