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Housing New York City

Virtual Welcome Packet

Early Arrival
ALL students who wish to arrive early for ANY reason (including those who must make early airline arrangements, or who plan to participate in any orientation during the last week of August, including first year student orientation, transfer orientation, or international student orientation), must complete an Early Arrival Request Form online. Students are not permitted to “drop off” their things; students who wish to move their belongings in early must request an early arrival. Students are generally not permitted to arrive earlier than two days before they are required to be on campus for their orientation, and no students are permitted to move in to housing earlier than 5pm on Saturday August 25th. Students may only apply for early arrival if they have been GUARANTEED fall housing. Waitlisted students, or those who have not yet applied for housing, are not eligible to arrive early, or to live in the residence halls during their August orientation. View the Early Arrival Request Form. Students must request their early arrival 48 hours in advance. The deadline for submitting an Early Arrival Request will be August 19th at 5pm. Students arriving early may, in rare instances, be placed in a temporary room, depending on room readiness and availability. There are no guests permitted during the early arrival period, although family and friends will be permitted to assist with the move in process. As long as you complete the Early Arrival Request form and indicate that you are attending an August Orientation session, your request to move in early will be granted. Students applying for early arrival for other reasons (not related to orientation) are subject to approval. Please note that students who arrive early are required to assist with Welcome Wagon, the team of students who help with move in during the three primary days of move in (over Labor Day Weekend). Please note that the availability of staff to assist, as well as the availability of moving bins, is limited on these days. Also, with the exception of Sunday, these are regular business days in New York City, and access to our buildings is already restricted by space. Students should be prepared to wait during times of peak traffic or congestion in the move-in area. The days and times available for which students may request early move-in are as follows:

Date Time
Saturday, August 25 5-10pm
Sunday, August 26 12-10pm
Monday, August 27 5-10pm
Tuesday, August 28 5-10pm
Wednesday, August 29 12-10pm
Thursday, August 30 5-10pm
Friday, August 31 5-10pm

Express Check-In Packet
In June, a link for this online process will be sent to the Pace email address of all students who are guaranteed fall housing. The Virtual Express Check-In Packet will allow students to complete and submit several online forms necessary for checking-in to the residence halls. Students will receive an email confirming that they have completed this process, and are asked to please bring a copy of that email when they check in. Completing the Virtual Check-In Packet before arriving, and bringing a copy of the confirmation email, will expedite the check-in.

Directions to our residence halls

Move in schedule (PDF)

Check-in Unloading Sign (PDF)
If you arrive by car, this sign can be posted on your dash to alert police that you are unloading. We suggest that students print at home and bring pass with them. While our staff and volunteers work to help you unload, be ready to move your car as quickly as possible. Pace University is not responsible for your car, your belongings, or any traffic or parking citations you may receive. We strongly advise that you always leave at least one person with your car, and that person be ready and able to move the car if directed to do so by NYPD. NYPD may still issue tickets for cars that are left too long, go the wrong way down a street, hop a curb, or other traffic or parking violations.

Map of nearby parking garages
Pace University does not have parking for students or parents in its New York City Campus. There is very limited free parking in our part of the city. The parking garages noted on this map have hourly and daily rates.

List of items students may and may not bring (PDF)

Mandatory Floor and Security Meetings
In order to build community with your fellow floor mates, mandatory floor and security meetings will be held on September 2nd and 3rd from 7:00pm-8:30pm. We ask that you do not make plans for this time. Your meeting date will be the same as your move in date. If you move in early, you will be required to attend the meeting that coincides with your floor's scheduled move in date.

Your Campus Address for NYC

Shipping items to Campus
As our ability to manage and store large quantities of shipped items is limited, we encourage students not to ship items ahead of their arrival, but rather to bring their items to campus when they arrive. Students who live at a distance that prevents them from being able to drive into the city may need to ship items to the university. Our recommendation to these students is to have anything that needs to be shipped arranged to arrive to Pace University after the official move in weekend, as access to mail storage may be restricted during the holiday weekend (during which move in takes place). These students are strongly advised to travel with everything they will need for the first few days of living in the residence halls, until they will have access to their mailed items. Other options for shipping before official move in weekend are listed on our Your Campus Address for NYC page.

Buying Your Textbooks
New for this year! You can buy your textbooks at the Pace Campus Bookstore online and get them delivered directly to your Residence Hall for free.

Bed Bath and Beyond
Bed Bath and Beyond will have shuttle busses available for Saturday, September 2nd and Sunday, September 3rd to their Greenwhich Street location. Bed Bath and Beyond Pace Coupon (PDF)

Bedding, Sheets and Linen
Pace University residence mattresses are slightly longer (78”) than standard, so they usually fit both extra-long twin and regular twin sheets. You are welcome to bring your own bedding and linen, but the Residence Hall Association (RHA, a resident student leadership organization) would like to introduce you to Residence Hall Linens–a convenient source for ordering all of your campus living needs. RHA has partnered with Residence Hall Linens for several years to provide Pace University resident students and families with a convenient, affordable way to ensure you have everything you need for life in our residence halls. The Residence Hall Linens program has it all, from sheets and comforters, to matching towels and storage items. Proceeds from this program are used by the RHA to support programming and activities in the residence halls. There’s free shipping on all Value Pak orders, and there are more than 40 color combinations available. Plus, linens are delivered to your home during the summer so you don’t have to venture out to the retail stores. Please note that, if you choose to have your linens delivered directly to the university, we cannot guarantee their availability on move in day. Students and families ordering their linens in advance are strongly encouraged to have their linens delivered at home prior to departing for college.

Collegiate Storage and Rental
Students wishing to rent a microwave/refrigerator combination for the academic year (Maria’s Tower residents only) can utilize this service to do so. We recommend discussing this with your roommate first, as only one unit is permitted per residence hall room. Students who do not rent from Collegiate Storage and Rental may bring a small refrigerator, but are not permitted to bring a microwave.

Personal Preference Questionnaire (PDF)
This document is a useful tool for residents to utilize before they arrive and meet their new roommate. Your RA will be able to assist you with a roommate agreement after you move in.