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Residential Life and Housing, NYC

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Office of Residential Life and Housing, NYC Mission

The mission of the Office of Residential Life and Housing is to provide a safe, developmentally sound environment for students at Pace University. Specifically, the OHRL at Pace University seeks to meet the following objectives:

  • To provide a residential environment that safeguards all aspects of student wellness, including physical, emotional and social health.
  • To establish a residential environment that is engaging, attractive, comfortable, and environmentally responsible, in which students form a community where they can explore their independence, interdependence and personal accountability to self and to others.
  • To establish a residential environment that promotes academic success

These objectives are listed in order of priority. Our policies and protocol exist to maximize our ability to provide a safe environment in which the rights of each member of the community are protected up to the point that their behavior interferes with the rights of others. At that point, our policies exist to insure the rights of the greater community as defined first by the need to maintain a secure environment, and secondly by the academic goals of the institution.

Philosophy of Residence Life

The philosophy of Residence Life at Pace is to balance the elements of development and service to students:

  • Elements of development are those which challenge students to become autonomous, including those that promote conflict management, problem solving, critical thinking and personal accountability.
  • Elements of service are those which serve to support students and help them be successful as students and as members of the community.

These elements are complementary, and in most cases the functions of residence life serve both developmental and service related goals. Some of our key roles that are both developmental and service oriented in nature are:

  • Establish a residential environment that promotes academic success
  • Judicial process
  • Administrative processes
  • Programming
  • Role-modeling
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Facilities management
  • Crisis management and "first alert" (Identify students that require follow-up to ensure their continued health or safety)

In our approach to our mission, we seek to:

  • Facilitate the development of clearly defined communities on a floor-by-floor and hall-by hall level
  • Develop a clear sense of identity and community for NY housing within the larger Pace community
  • Provide opportunities for faculty to engage directly with students outside the classroom, both within and apart from the residence hall environment
  • Seek out, explore and implement new and promising strategies in our approaches to co-curricular learning and student development