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Residential Life and Housing, NYC

Hall Closings and Check Out Procedures

End of the Semester Hall Closing

Fall Semester Hall Closing:

The residence halls will close on Saturday, December 21, 2019, at 10:00 am. All residents will need to leave by this time. Those residents that are not returning to housing for the spring term must be checked out by this time. If there are any concerns, residents must talk to the Residence Director of their building.

Spring Semester Hall Closing:

The residence halls will close on Saturday, May 16, 2020, at 12:00 pm. All residents will need to leave by this time. All students will need to leave by this time unless they have been approved for an extension. Residents seeking an extension must talk to the Community Coordinator of their building.

Those students who are participating in the Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony still need to speak with their Community Coordinator to be approved for an extension. Graduating seniors will need to check out by 6:00 pm on May 20, 2020.

Those students who are transtioning to summer housing should follow the directions provided to them by the housing staff, and be on campus and prepared to move to their summer housing assignment as directed.

Check Out Procedures

Check-Out Process for those moving out of their housing assignment.

Option 1 – Checking out with a Staff Member (Typically your RA)

  • Follow directions provide by your building staff (at end  of term floor meetings, and in bulletin board postings) to make an appointment with your RA to check out. Please be prompt for this meeting time and meet your RA in the designated location in your community.
  • Your room, suite and/or house must be clean and appear as it was when you checked-in. This includes
    • Close and lock all windows
    • Throw out all garbage
    • Remove all personal items from the room- any items left behind will be discarded
    • Defrost and clean any rental micro-fridge units 24 hours before check-out

Please be sure to follow all of these steps. Failure to complete any of the above tasks may result in a $75.00 improper check-out fine.

Option 2 – Express Check out

  • Fill out the Express Check-Out Envelope which can be picked up from the RA Office.
  • Agree to the following:
    • I am voluntarily participating in the Express Check-Out Process instead of checking out in person with a Residential Life and Housing staff member;
    • I will follow all instructions for checking out of the Residence Halls as stated by the Office of Residential Life and Housing;
    • Residential Life and Housing staff will conduct an inspection of my room /suite/ house after the halls have closed and assess damage;
    • I acknowledge that I am responsible for ANY damages or cleaning charges that are found during the inspection and understand that I may be billed for the damages;
    • Even if you have misplaced your key, you will still need to sign and hand-in an express check-out envelope;
    • I acknowledge that if I do not complete this form or check out with a Residential Life and Housing staff member, I will be charged $75 for an ImpropCheck-OutOut.
    • I will drop the Express Check-out envelope off in the designated drop boxes upon leaving the community- leaving the envelope with the key in the envelope.

About a month before the semester ends, residential students will receive an email with details about the end of the semester closing procedures and other information regarding their housing assignments. This email will be sent to the student's Pace University email address.  The information in this email will also be reflected in mandatory end-of-semester floor meetings, and in bulletin boards posted on each floor of each residence hall.