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Residential Life and Housing, NYC

Between Takes (Film): Maria’s Tower - First Year Students

What is Between Takes?

Everybody loves movies, but not everyone can connect what happens on the silver screen with their daily lives. We will take the movies you love and relate them to the life you lead.Sample monthly topics include the movies of NYC, horror, gay and lesbian films, documentaries, comedy, and drama. Typical events and trips include: movie sites of Central Park walking tour, trips to the movie theatre, Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the museum of the moving Image.

Why Chose Between Takes?

  • To appreciate the art of film and explore genres, directors, actors, and events within the art.
  • To create learning and networking experiences for students who are interested in film-making.
  • To encourage the average movie buff to discuss concepts that films present, and to voice their opinions and thoughts about the films watched.
  • To build a community of film aficionados.
  • To ensure Residents are enjoying both their academic and social experience at Pace.

Events to look forward to:

  • Trips to the movie theatre
  • The Tribeca Film Festival
  • Museum of the Moving Image
  • Movie screenings exploring all genres
  • Holiday celebrations
  • Community service