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Residential Life and Housing, NYC

Green Adventures: Maria’s Tower - First Year Students

What is Green Adventures

We are an eco-friendly community that aims to educate residents about our effect on the environment, while also allowing them to experience, give back to, and appreciate nature. Sample Monthly Topics include: natural cycles, environmental justice, rainforest deforestation, restoration ecology, recycling & pollution, drinking water access, laws, politics, carbon footprint, sustainability, biodiversity, local organic fair trade movement. Typical events and trips include: horseback riding, Botanical Gardens, kayaking on the Hudson River, Brooklyn Aquarium, Union Square Farmers Market, hiking, and indoor rock climbing.

Why Chose Green Adventures?

  • To be educated about our effect on the environment and how to minimize our impact.
  • To live a more sustainable lifestyle that goes beyond your time in college.
  • To have incredible opportunities to reconnect with our amazing Earth.
  • To give back to the community through green service projects.
  • ...and most importantly, to have fun in a community of like minded people!

Events to look forward to:

  • Kayaking on the Hudson
  • Hiking in Westchester
  • Carbon Footprint Mapping
  • Horseback Riding