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Residential Life and Housing, NYC

Studio/Art: 55 John Street: 55 John Street – First Year Students

What is Studio/Art?

This floor will establish a creative community that provides students with the resources and inspiration necessary to develop their creative skills and abilities, collaborate with other students and local artists, and incorporate the creative arts into their academic development.

Why Chose Studio/Art?

  • To appreciate the arts of film, fashion, music, design, and more!
  • To create learning and networking experiences for students who are interested in the arts.
  • To build a community of art lovers.
  • To ensure Residents are enjoying both their academic and social experience at Pace.

Events to look forward to:

  • Film screenings
  • Musical jam sessions
  • Trips to the art store
  • Acting, film and photography workshops
  • Chats with industry professionals
  • Adventures in new york’s art scene: from galleries and museums to street art and exhibitions
  • Creative contests