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Housing Westchester

Prohibited items

This list is not meant to be all inclusive and other items not specifically mentioned here, may be deemed inappropriate for the residence halls by the Office of Residential Life & Housing at a future time.

Appliances and Cooking

  • Freezers (stand alone)
  • George Foreman Grills
  • Hot plates
  • Indoor grills
  • Microwaves (stand alone)
  • Refrigerators (larger than 2.7 cubic feet)*
  • Rice cookers
  • Toaster or Toaster ovens


  • Candles, incense, and other open flames.
  • Liquor bottles (Full AND Empty alike)
  • Live holiday decorations such as trees, boughs, and wreaths
  • Locks on closets, desk, dressers or additional locks on room, suite or Townhouse doors.
  • Signs advertising any product or company without proof of ownership
  • Signs (wooden or metal) bigger than 2 ft. by 2 ft.


  • Bars
  • Beds and couches not provided by the University
  • Halogen lamps
  • Any multi head lamps or lamps that have a plastic sleeve or plastic cover
  • Water beds

Drugs, Alcohol and Weapons

  • Box Wine
  • Combustible fluids
  • Explosives (including but not limited to fireworks, flares and similar items)
  • Guns (including but not limited to paint guns, BB or pellet guns, stun guns and air guns)
  • Illegal drugs
  • Kegs, beer balls or other similar items
  • Knives or Swords (with the exception of kitchen or steak knives)
  • Pets (Other than Fish)
  • Weapons of any kind

* Microfridge units ONLY may be as large as 4.0 cubic feet.