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Housing Westchester

Closing Room Inspection & Damage Charge Appeal

After students move out of the residence halls, staff from the Office of Residential Life and Housing and Buildings and Grounds inspected all student rooms for changes from when students move in to when students move out. In that inspection, some items were found missing or damaged. As stated in the Housing Agreement, students are responsible for damage done to their residence hall room during the time they were assigned to that space. Damage fees do not include the normal wear and tear, which is carried out throughout the academic year. Any damage attributed to a specific individual has been billed to their student account only.


Students can appeal the charge if they feel they are not responsible for the damages. To appeal a charge, the student needs to complete the web form below. The student will then receive a response from their Residence Director. The more details provided in this form, the more information a Residence Director has to make a determination. Please be as detailed as possible.