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Resident Assistants 2019-2020

Alumni Hall

Stephanie AgyemangStephanie
Stephanie Agyemang is a Sophomore Majoring in Biopsychology. She aspires to be a neonatal physician Assistant because of her love for children. She was born in the Bronx but ultimately moved to different areas of the world like Ghana and England. Stephanie is the President of a faith based organization called Pensa Pace. She is actively involved in the church and in her faith. In her spare time, Stephanie enjoys spending time with friends and family and helping others be the best they could be. She is really excited to meet her residents and create a relationship with them.

Andrea AliceaAndrea Alicea
Andrea (Dre) Alicea is a  junior nursing major and a first-year Resident Assistant. She lives in Trumbull Connecticut with her mom, older sister, and dog. She is bilingual in both Spanish and English and she hopes to become trilingual and learn American Sign Language. On campus Dre works at the Welcome Center as a Tour Guide, Student Assistant and is now training to become the Aspire Coordinator. When Dre isn't studying, she enjoys playing her ukulele, painting, petting dogs and trying new coffee shops!

Aaliyah BalcacerAaliyah Balcacer
Aaliyah Balcacer is a fourth year nursing student with a minor in Psychology aspiring to eventually get her masters in Public Health and work at New York-Presbyterian Hospital. She was born and raised Washington Heights in Upper Manhattan and is also fluent in Spanish; she is also learning French and Japanese. She is proudly a member of Gamma Sigma Sigma National Service Sorority and has found that community service inspires her to be a better person. Aaliyah also enjoys watching Netflix, going to concerts, reading, and has a slight coffee addiction. She also hopes to travel as much as possible.

Alyssa ChambersAlyssa Chambers
Alyssa is a dedicated student a part of the Pforzheimers Honors college and Lubin School of Business. She is majoring in Human Resource Management and minoring in Law. Alyssa aspires to become an Employee Relations lawyer or Diversity and Inclusion officer to be of service to individuals who are systematically marginalized. She was born and raised in Long island, New York. Alyssa is the founder and President of Abyss of Sound choir which is a lovely group of people enhancing Pace's culture musically. She is an active member of Delta Sigma Pi Phi Professional Fraternity and active youth fellowship leader in her home church in Westbury, New York. Alyssa love dogs, has a passion for music and loves anything purple. In her free time she writes and record content for her blog known as ANOVA Inside Out. The purpose of ANOVA is to spread the importance of self expression while finding or being at peace with all that we are! She is very excited to return to Res Life this year and can't wait to see what this year has in store for the incoming students. Alyssa plans on putting her best foot forward to make sure all of the residents and incoming freshman living in Alumni hall feels at home.

Gabrielle ChinGabrielle Chin
Gabrielle (Gabby) Chin is a junior honors nursing student from Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey. Along with being a second-year RA returning again to Alumni Hall, Gabrielle is a member of the Pace Pep Band, nursing tutor, and a mental health worker in Four Winds Hospital. In her spare time, she enjoys playing volleyball, hiking, camping, playing different instruments, and baking. Her top five strengths are: WOO, Communication, Achiever, Adaptability, and Developer. Gabrielle loves making new friends and is never shy to say hello. 

Tamia ClineTamia Cline
Tami Cline is a Senior Biology Major. She is from the best borough, Bronx, NY, along with greats such as Justice Sotomayor, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, and Big Pun. Tamia is also an executive board member of the Partnership of Women for Empowerment and Respect, or P.O.W.E.R. at Pace. Tamia aspires to work in research, or maybe even go to law school. Hopefully, she will be the next legend from the Bronx. In her spare time, Tamia enjoys traveling, eating out at new restaurants and rewatching The Office. She is extremely excited to be a first year RA in Alumni! 

Kayla GlerumKayla Glerum
Kayla is a junior applied psychology major with a minor in sociology. She is a second year RA and excited to work with first year students. Kayla is born and raised from Long Island, NY and has 3 cats. She loves going to the beach, eating, traveling, hiking, and anything adventurous. Kayla is a member of the Alpha Lambda Delta first year Honor Society, Lambda Sigma sophomore Honor Society, Psi Chi Psychology Honor Society,  a member of Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority, and works in the student mailroom on campus. Kayla is very passionate about helping others and hopes to be a cognitive behavioral therapist for adolescents after she graduates. 

Gerardo GomezGerardo Gomez
Gerardo Gomez is a Junior majoring in Biopsychology who aspires to become a researcher studying the biology of the brain and how it contributes to our psychology. He was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York but his parents are originally from Colombia. This is Gerardo's first year being an RA in Alumni and is very excited to be assisting First-Year Students adjust to Pace! On campus, Gerardo was an Orientation Leader this past summer, he is also a member of the Pep Band, an active member and the VP of Finance for Pi Lambda Phi, volunteers regularly with CCAR, and is also a Campus Activities Assistant at the SDCA Office. Gerardo's hobbies include walks around campus, learn new things, traveling, exploring, volunteering, and photography. Gerardo hopes to help first-year students acclimate to college life where they can flourish and be their best selves.

Nia LeeNia Lee
Nia is a junior nursing student. She is aspiring to further her education by obtaining her masters and become a neonatal nurse. She is from Tarrytown, New York where she lives with her family. She is a first year RA in Alumni Hall and cannot wait to meet all of the incoming freshman. She is a member of Alpha-Lambda Delta Honor Society for First Year Students and spends a lot of time studying. Outside of her academics Nia enjoys reading, music, drawing and watching movies. She is very passionate about food and helping others. Though this is her first year as an RA she hopes that she can make each freshman feel welcomed and apart of the Pace community.  

Nicholas LouismaNicholas Louisma
I'm a senior information technology major with a business minor. I was born in Queens, New York but I currently live in Norwalk, Connecticut with my parents and little sister. I am of west indian descent (Haitian and Jamaican) and I love traveling to the Caribbean. I work as a student IT Specialist on campus.  After I graduate from Pace I hope to get my MBA, and someday start my own company. During my spare time, I enjoy hanging out with my friends, drawing, playing video games, reading or working out. I love listening to music, my favorite genres range from Trap to R&B, but if the music sounds good I'll listen to it. I love basketball, and a huge brooklyn nets fan. I enjoy getting to know people, and hearing their story. I'll be on the 4th floor of Alumni, come by if you want to hang out!

Vivianna MartinezVivianna Martinez
Vivianna Martinez is a Pforzheimer Honors College student with a major in Nursing. Vivianna is a first-year RA and is excited to work with freshmen, whose shoes she was in just last year! She was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, and she is also a first-generation college student. Vivianna is the Vice President of Pace Cooks and Bakes and you can also find her giving tours on campus as she works at the Welcome Center as a Tour Guide. In her spare time, she enjoys being with her family and friends, fishing, painting, baking, and eating! Vivianna hopes to use her experience as a freshman to help build a community where students feel valued, accepted, and included.

Carmela PiccoloCarmela Piccolo
Carmela Piccolo is a third year Applied Psychology and Human Relations major aspiring to become a school psychologist. Carmela is from Queens, New York and has two siblings. In addition to being an RA, Carmela also have a job on-campus at Student Mailroom Services, volunteers to help run studies in the Psychology Department and is currently embarking on the Provost's student-faculty research program for the 2019-2020 academic year. She also is apart of the Lambda Sigma National Honor Society, the Pforzheimer Honors College and served Summer 2018 as an Orientation Leader. This is Carmela's second year as a Resident Assistant in Alumni Hall and she could not be more excited! 

Angelina PreveteAngelina Prevete
Angelina Prevete is a junior public accounting major with a minor in marketing. She is from Long Island, New York where she lives with her parents and her two younger brothers. She is an active member of Delta Sigma Pi Professional Business Fraternity, the National Residence Hall Honorary and the Setters Leadership Initiatives. Outside of being a first-year RA, Angelina is a student worker at Pace Fit, an AALANA Mentor and a Planning Board Member for the Fall Leadership Conference. In her free time, she likes to do community service, go to the gym and watch movies! This summer, she worked at Estee Lauder Companies Inc. as a Finance Intern. After Pace, she is looking to have a job with a Big 4 Accounting Firm in New York City. Angelina is super excited to meet the class of 2023 and cannot wait to see what their future at Pace has in store for them!

Brian VelezBrian Velez
Brian Velez is a Senior Biology Major with a Neuroscience Minor from Highland Mills, New York and he is a Pforzheimer Honors College student. In addition to being a Second Year RA, Brian has also been working with one of his professors Dr. Krucher doing breast cancer research, and he is a member of Pi Lambda Phi, where he held different positions over the years. Brian aspires to become a physician in his future and in his spare time he loves watching movies, playing sports, going on hikes, and spending time with friends.

Kymani WedderburnKymani Wedderburn
Kymani is a first-year RA and a third year nursing student. He chose nursing because he loves learning about health, science, and caring for others. Kymani was born in Kingston, Jamaica and now lives in the Bronx, NY since he was a child. He is a member of Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity and enjoys getting to know other members and possibly meeting new members. Kymani loves listening to artists like Lil Wayne, watching basketball (especially Golden State), and hanging with his good friends when it’s not time for studying.

Elm Hall

Marcello CongiontiMarcello Congionti
I'm a third year math student at pace, I'd like to get my masters in education. I was born in raised in Putnam county New York. I'm part or Pi Lambda Phi fraternity. I love video games and board games, cooking and food.

Khaleel McDonaldKhaleel McDonald
Khaleel McDonald is Senior, Pre-med,  Biology major from Poughkeepsie, New York. His desire is to earn his M.D. and pursue his dream to become a orthopedic medical surgeon. Khaleel is currently involved at the Dyson's Hall Biology Department as an Lab Technician and also assisting in research on Zebrafish and their impact to cure deafness. When Khaleel is not in the Lab, he uses his time in the Pace Community as a member of the Pace Programming Board. In his free time Khaleel likes to go to the movies, going to theme parks, hanging out with my friends and just laughing.

Kayla MorellKayla Morell
Kayla is a junior Nursing major from Queens, NY. Kayla is a first year RA and excited to get to know her residents. In her spare time, Kayla likes to go to the beach, paint, go out for dinner or just hang out with friends. Kayla loves to travel and looks forward to traveling to every continent one day. Kayla has been both a mentee and mentor in the AALANA mentoring program at Pace. On campus Kayla is apart of Alpha Lambda Delta and Lambda Sigma Honor Societies. Kayla plans to one day be an Oncology or Neonatal RN and later becoming a Nurse Practicioner. Kayla hopes that she will be able to make a difference in the lives of her patients by providing compassionate and high quality care. After retiring, Kayla would like to move to an island where it is warm and the beaches are open all year.

Samantha MurphySamantha Murphy
Sam Murphy is a senior majoring in Human Resource Management with a minor in Psychology. She is from Pearl River, New York and got her associates degree in Business Administration from Rockland Community College before transferring to Pace to get her bachelors degree. This is Sam's first year as an RA and she is thrilled to be a part of the Elm Hall community!

Tyra PropheteTyra Prophete
Tyra Prophete is a Senior Nursing Major who is a second-year Resident Assistant in Elm Hall. Tyra will serve as the leader of the Nursing Living Learning Community (LLC). She resides in White Plains, New York with her mom, dad, and older sister. Her ultimate goal is to increase awareness of equity and diversity in the Pace community.  Alongside nursing, Tyra has a deep passion for communication and hopes to one day create content that attracts love and joy (two things the world needs the most). In the future, she aspires to travel the world and to continue to laugh deeply.

Katherine SantanaKatherine
Katherine Santana is a Senior Childhood Education major with a concentration in English from New Jersey. She is the Executive Vice President of Programming for Residence Hall Association and works as a Student Assistant in the Office of Graduate Admission. Katherine enjoys spending time with family and friends, meeting new people, and playing volleyball. She aspires to become an elementary school teacher and is on her journey to obtaining her Master’s Degree in Special Education. This is Katherine’s first year as a Resident Assistant and she looks forward to building relationships with other students on campus.

Bethany Terlecki
Bethany is a third-year nursing major and one of the newest Resident Assistants in Elm Hall. She is excited to get to know her residents and have a great first semester as an RA. Bethany is from Long Island, NY and her favorite thing to do is swim and relax at the beach. Bethany currently works as a Psychiatric Nursing Assistant and plans on becoming a Psychiatric/Mental Health or ER nurse. She also wants to become a Nurse Practitioner in the future. Bethany was also a peer leader and WOW leader on campus. She is a part of Alpha Chi Honor Society and Golden Key International Society. Bethany loves to travel and plans to more once she graduates.


Martin Hall

Deana ConzuegraDeana Conzuegra
Deana Conzuegra is a returner RA at Martin Hall, and a Senior Pforzheimer Honors College student currently pursuing a degree in Mathematics. She is from the Bronx, New York, and lives with her brother Jackson, sister Arianna, and dog Tyko. She works at Montefiore Hospital in the Bronx, and is the former Secretary of the Pforzheimer Honors Council. In the future, she hopes to get her master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering. Being a former Air Force JROTC cadet, she hopes to be able to design and work with airplanes and spacecrafts. She enjoys spending time with friends and family, doing arts and crafts, and loves Jon Bellion and hoodie weather.

Erika MoyaErika Moya
Erika Moya is graduate student studying Mental Health Counseling at Pace University. This will be Erika's second year as a Resident Assistant. Once again, Erika hopes to create a fun and caring environment where residents can rely on her and be themselves. As an undergrad at Pace, Erika was previously a peer educator for Pace FIRE (Fighting Ignorance and Rape with Education), and held leadership positions in Gamma Sigma Sigma Sorority, VOX, Presentia, and many more throughout her years here. Erika is an aspiring LMHC and will be finishing up her Master's. During her spare time, Erika enjoys dancing, singing, binge watching, and spending time with friends. Feel free to say hello!

Peter PashalidesPeter Pashalides
Peter Pashalides is a junior Computer Science major with a minor in Management. He lives at home with his brother, parents, and two dogs Nico and Mia. The previous summer he worked as an Orientation Leader for the Pleasantville Campus and currently works on campus as a part of the ITS Help Desk team. Peter likes to collect Funko Pops and loves movies and comic books. He also likes to build computers and will help anyone interested in building one themselves. This is Peter’s first year as an RA and he couldn’t be more excited to start the new year!

Decnis PimentelDecnis Pimentel
My name is Decnis I am a senior criminal justice major here at the Pace Pleasantville Campus. This is my first year as an RA and I will be in Martin Hall! I am from Harlem, NY. I am in love with the arts so you will always find me singing, dancing or acting somewhere! I am very energetic, open minded and I love to meet new people so if you see me pass by say Hi :)! Looking forward to meeting everyone this year!

Sabrina SanchezSabrina Sanchez
Sabrina Sanchez is a Junior in Pforzheimer Honors College and Digital Journalism Major. She is from the Bronx, NY and will be working as a second-year RA in Martin Hall. She is Vice President of the Dominican Student Association on the Pleasantville Campus, a newly created organization, as well as a Consultant at the campus Writing Center. On her free time, she writes for different publications, watches a lot of movies, and creates her own music, which she then distributes to all musical streaming platforms. After graduating from Pace, Sabrina hopes to continue school and get her Master’s Degree in Publishing. She also hopes to move into her own place, continue making music, and work in the publishing industry.

Camilla SibigaCamilla Sibiga
Camilla Sibiga is a junior Childhood Education major, concentrating in History and plans on studying Special Education in Graduate School. She is a first generation American as well as college student and speaks fluent Polish. In the Spring 2019 semester, Camilla studied abroad in Chiang Mai, Thailand at Chiang Mai University. Thanks to her wonderful experiences abroad, Camilla developed a passion for traveling as well as learning about other cultures. Camilla has worked as a lifeguard at the Goldstein pool, an Orientation Leader and Campus Activities Assistant for SDCA and a Peer Leader for first-year CAP students. She also held the position as president of the Future Educators Association and is a member of Pride at Pace. She will serve as a School of Education Student Ambassador for SGA as well as work as a Strengths Intern for SDCA. This is Camilla’s first year as an RA and she is over the moon about meeting her first residents!

North Hall

Erika BergerErika Berger
Erika Berger is a Senior Pforzheimer Honors College student studying a major in Business Management with a minor in Psychology. Erika is a third-year RA in the Transfer section as a returner to the North Hall community, Chair of RA Council, and Peer Leader for the class for new RA’s. Outside of Residential Life, she is an ASPIRE Coordinator, Student Assistant, and Tour Guide at the Welcome Center, mentor for first-year students in the Pforzheimers Honors College, and a member of multiple academic and service honoraries. Erika is the former President of the Setters Chapter of National Resident Hall Honorary and Assistant Purchasing Manager at Pace Mart. Erika loves travelling, reading, and preparing for graduate school in her free time!

Allysanne GardnerAllysanne Gardner
Allysanne Gardner is a sophomore Nursing student with a minor in Neuroscience. She aspires to use her degree in the Operating Room and eventually become a Nurse practitioner. She was born and raised in a small town on Cape Cape, Massachusetts though she has recently relocated, alongside her mom, to Virginia Beach, VA. She spent her summer working at Four Seas Ice Cream, a small and old fashioned ice cream shop in her home town. This is her first year as an RA in North Hall. Allysanne is the senator of Future Leaders in Health Care and is involved in Student Government Association. She hopes to continue getting more involved in the Pace Community as she continues at Pace. In her spare time, you can find her reading and hanging out with friends or swimming at the beach when she is home.

Emiliana HokrEmiliana Hokr
Emiliana Hokr is a junior public relations major with a minor in marketing. Her humble abode is in Pompton Plains, New Jersey where she lives with her older sister Meghan, grandmother, parents Bruce and Maria, and dog Spunky. She also has an older brother Garret who is currently living in Spain! This year, Em will be a first year RA in North Hall. You might find Emiliana either in the Student Development and Campus Activities office, where she is one of the Clifton Strengths interns, around campus, leading a tour, or in the Goldstein Fitness Center working out. For fun, Emiliana likes to shop at TJ Maxx, and watch some of her favorite shows on Netflix. She takes pride in being a friendly and outgoing person, and is excited to make North Hall a welcoming community for all residents. This past summer, Emiliana spent her time interning for the technology company Shoppable in downtown Manhattan as well as traveling to Spain and London. After Pace, Em aspires to work in New York City either in public relations or marketing.

Adonis MilianoAdonis Miliano
Adonis Miliano is a Senior Biology Major in the Pforzheimer Honors College from Long Island, New York. He has a passion to learn new information, along with anything science and even music related. Adonis is now a second-year RA and will be in North Hall; he is also President of the Dominican Student Association, Trumpet player for the Pace Pep Band, working on making a low tones vocal group and is currently researching neurobiology with Dr. Marik in her laboratory. In his spare time you can find Adonis playing one of his instruments, spending time with friends or walking around the farm.

Emma SmithEmma Smith
Emma Smith is a junior nursing major with a minor in healthcare management. She is from Clifton, New Jersey where she lives with her mom. She aspires to be an emergency room nurse and eventually returning back to school to become a nurse practitioner. She is one of the founders of Pace Cooks and Bakes, and is currently serving as their president. In her free time she loves traveling, watching horror movies, and going to the beach. This is her first year as an RA, and she is looking forward to meeting all her residents.

Joseph TorresJoseph Torres
My names Joe and I couldn't be more excited to be part of the Pace RA team this year! I'm a Senior working on my degree in Criminal justice and minor in Psychology. I started my own Pace club, The Disney Fan Club, in which I was president for the past two years and last year was involved in the men's soccer club. Over the summer I interned with the North Hanover Township Police and rode along with officers learning everything I could to prepare me for my career goals. My future plans are to get my EMT certification and over time become a Police officer. College has been a great experience for me and being an out of state and first generation student I strive to get all the experience I can and share that back by helping others anyway I can. But for now I am ready for any challenge that comes my way and giving it maximum effort! My hobbies include fishing, camping, going to the beach and going to comic cons. In my free time I like to go to, play on my Xbox, read, play my guitar, sketch, or sweat it out in the gym.


Lesly ChamorroLesly Chamorro
Lesly Chamorro is a junior accounting major and a first-year RA in the Townhouses. She is a member of the Pforzheimer Honors College, Alpha Lambda Delta honor society, Lambda Sigma honor society, and the Beta Gamma Sigma honor society. Lesly is an active brother of the co-ed professional fraternity Delta Sigma Pi. She enjoys being active on campus. She was the Vice President of Elm Hall Council, the Recognition Coordinator for the National Residence Hall Honorary, and a Programming Board member while maintaining two jobs. Lesly is from Darien, CT, however, was born and raised in Queens, NY. Her hobbies include reading, drawing, and watching David Dobrik videos.

Kiana CharlesKiana Charles
My name is Kiana Charles. I am a senior majoring in Applied psychology and Human Relations. I will be a Resident Assistant in the townhouses. Working with people has always been my gift. In the future, I will have my own private practice to ensure that proper treatment is being given to those in need. Over the years I have acquired many skills such as dependability, critical thinking, and leadership. These skills were obtained through life lessons, work opportunities and also from being Vice President of New Vybz Dance Team in campus. With the help of my new role as a Resident Assistant, I am positive that I will acquire many more!

Brian FainguerschBrian Fainguersch
Brian Fainguersch is a Senior Nursing major from Poughkeepsie, NY. Wanting to be involved since freshman year, Brian has been part of Hillel Club, intramural sports, the Pace University Pep Band, and a founding member of the Student Veterans of America in Pleasantville. With his parents immigrating from Argentina and Israel, Brian wants to give thanks to the opportunities he received in the United States by becoming a military nurse. Brian's hobbies include bike-riding, going to the weight room, reading, studying the plethora of nursing textbooks he has, and traveling the United States to, one day, achieve the goal of having seen all of the National Parks and Forests of the United States.

Mariah JamesMariah
Mariah James is a junior Criminal Justice major with a Homeland Security minor, and she is currently working toward a Psychology minor. She plans on pursuing Master’s in Homeland Security after she completes her undergraduate at Pace. Mariah is from Peekskill, New York and her pronouns are she/her/hers. Mariah plays for the Women’s Reserve Soccer team, and is also a current member on the Programming Board. She loves to dance, joke around, and have fun. In her free time she volunteers at Peekskill City Volunteer Ambulance Corp., and dances for a church youth ministry called God’s Disciples X-Generation (GDX). This is Mariah’s first year as an RA, and she is very excited about the opportunity, and friends she will make throughout this experience!

Amanda PaganAmanda Pagan
Amanda Pagan is a Junior Childhood Education major with a concentration in mathematics. Her goal is to become an elementary school teacher and pursue her passion for teaching and helping children. She grew up in Long Island, New York with her older brother and sister, parents, and pets. She is a first year RA in the Townhouses. She is also involved in Future Educators Association (FEA) where she holds an e-board position. Some of the things she enjoys most is being around her friends, spending time with family, and relaxing at home watching Netflix.

Bennett ParkinsonBennett Parkinson
Bennett Parkinson is a senior at Pace University. He is a second year RA returning to the townhouse community. Bennett is an IT major with a minor in criminal justice. He enjoys watching sports, listening to music, hiking, and camping. He is looking forward to another great year and building a great community again!

Sukh SinghSukh Singh
Sukh Singh is a junior Adolescent Education Major with a concentration in English. He wants to become a High School English teacher. Born in India, he is a first-year generation student. Sukh has lived most of his life in Lake Parsippany, NJ. He is a Marine Corps Veteran who has served four years on Parris Island, SC. Sukh’s involvement on campus includes the relaunching of the Student Veterans Association and is an active brother of Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity. His hobbies include going on long walks, playing basketball, making music, painting, and working out.