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Policies and Forms

Please check back often if you are looking for the correct paperwork to apply for housing, change your assignment, or cancel your housing. We will also have applications for our Break Housing and how to be a part of our team.


First Year Residential Students are not permitted to bring a car on campus. If you have extenuating circumstances and wish to file an appeal email Vinnie Beatty,  Executive Director for Campus Security at


  • Pace University is a Walking Campus.
  • A parking decal does not guarantee the availability/location of a parking space.
  • You are responsible for your vehicle and any fines incurred while on campus.
  • You are responsible for your guests and the citations they may receive while on campus.
  • Both decals are to be permanently affixed on the vehicles front/back windshield. Vehicles displaying decals differently than described are subject to citation.
  • Security Officers will randomly enforce stop sign and unsafe operation of vehicle violations. Violators will not be stopped by the Security Officer. A citation will be emailed to the violator.
  • Fines resulting from citations must be paid prior to class registration and the release of grades, transcripts or diplomas.
  •  Unregistered vehicles that are identified by other means will have all accrued citations for that vehicle placed on the driver’s OSA account.
  • You must appeal your citation within 30 calendar days of the date the citation was issued. After 30 days, you lose your right to appeal.
  • No consideration will be given for anyone who repeatedly receives citations for the same offense and does not address it immediately after the 1st or 2nd citation.
  • Parking spaces reserved for handicapped persons are restricted at all times. No consideration will be given to anyone who violates this policy.
  • Parking or standing in a fire zone is prohibited. No consideration will be given to anyone who violates this policy.
  • Choate, Willcox, Townhouse and Miller circles, and their adjacent roadways are "No Standing at Any Time" areas. Passengers may be picked up or dropped off only. • Upperclassmen resident students may park in academic lots (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H and P from 7pm-7am ONLY. Vehicles parking in these lots at any other time are subject to citation.