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Housing Westchester

Guest Policy

Roommates must be courteous to one another when having visitors and be sensitive to their roommate(s)’ primary rights to sleep, study and privacy. Having visitors is a privilege that requires the prior consent of roommate(s). Unresolved visitation issues among roommates may result in the loss of the privileges for all residents of a room. As such, guests should visit only with the approval of all roommates with the unit.

As long as all roommates agree, each resident is permitted to have as many as two overnight guests on any given night, but guests are not to remain longer than two days (consecutive or nonconsecutive) within a seven day period. At any given point a resident can have no more than 2 guests at a time. 

Escort Policy

Residents must meet guest(s) in the main lobby and then escort the guest at all times (24 hours a day, 7 days a week). Thus, the resident hosting a guest must be present in the room with their guests at all times. Residents assume responsibility for the conduct and behavior of their guests, including informing guests of all pertinent residence hall policies and procedures. Additionally, guests will be held accountable for their behavior and may be asked to leave the residential buildings and/or campus.

Visitation Policy

Guests are not to abuse the visitation policy by residing in the residence halls. Thus, an individual who does not have a housing contract with the University is not permitted to exceed more than four nights in one month as an overnight guest (with the same resident or a variety of residents). The Office of Residential Life & Housing reserves the right to distinguish between visitation and actual residence in a room. Flagrant violations of visitation guidelines could result in the cancellation of visiting privileges, cancellation of the resident’s housing contract and/or other disciplinary action.