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Personal Property Loss or Damage

It is important for students to protect their personal property (laptops, cell phones, calculators, personal items, books, etc). It is recommended that students have personal property insurance as Pace University does not provide insurance coverage for these items.
As stated in our Guide to Residential Life:
"The University assumes no responsibility of any kind for loss or damage to personal property caused by fire, water, theft, the actions of other students or guests, or any other cause whatsoever. Personal property stored in resident’s rooms, during the period of the housing agreement, shall be stored at the owner’s risk." 
There are several options for obtaining personal property insurance. Some students may have coverage under their family's homeowner's or renter's insurance. This can be confirmed by contacting your family's insurance agent. It is also possible to purchase insurance for student owned property.
A company that offer this type of insurance coverage is National Student Services, Inc. They can be reached at 1-800-256-NSSI. (The University does not administer this program, we strongly encourage student review and evaluation. Students communicate directly with NSSI and should contact them regarding all insurance-related business.)

Students are advised to be pro-active in order to reduce the frustration and inconvenience resulting either from theft or from damage caused by unanticipated accidents. For computers, the best way to minimize the disruption is to maintain regular backups of critical data. These backups should not be kept in the same location as the computer. A loss due to a water leak, for example, could potentially damage both the computer and the backup. Students should keep an inventory of their property, complete with serial numbers, as a way to prove ownership in the event they need to file a claim with an insurance company.