Changes in Family Status

Under the Pace University group health plans, employees and their eligible dependents may enroll for coverage when they first become eligible for coverage and annually during Open Enrollment.  When you enroll in benefits, your elections remain in effect to the end of the fiscal year and changes to your election are not permitted until the next Open Enrollment period. Open Enrollment is typically conducted in late May early June for an effective date of July 1st. However, if you experience a change in family status during the fiscal year, you may be eligible to make a mid-year change to your benefits that corresponds with the life-changing event. See the Family Status Changes Chart below for a list of qualifying events.

Enrollment and Effective Dates

To change your coverage when a qualifying life event occurs, you must notify the University Benefits office within 31 days of the qualifying event for the anticipated change to be accepted and approved by the university. Once the 31 day-timeframe expires, you are only able to make a change during the next annual Open Enrollment period. Changes made during Open Enrollment are effective as of July 1st.

In most cases, the effective date of the change is the 1st of the month following the actual event date. However, in some situations (birth of a child), the effective date is the same date the actual life event occurred.

Family Status Changes


Change in Employee's Marital Status
Marriage/Domestic Partnership
  • Can enroll spouse/domestic partner (and any eligible affected children) in the plan
  • Can drop coverage and join your spouse's employer health plan
May change medical/dental plan


Domestic Partner:

Divorce, Legal Separation, Annulment, Termination Domestic Partnership


  • Add coverage, including children (if lost coverage under spouse's/domestic partner's plan).
  • Eliminate coverage for spouse/domestic partner
May change medical/dental plan
Death of Spouse
  • Add coverage, including children (if lost under spouse's plan).
  • Eliminate coverage for spouse

Increase in Number of Dependents

Birth, Adoption or Placement for Adoption
  • Add new child only.
  • Add spouse (if applicable).
May change medical/dental plan
Decrease in Number of Dependents
Reaching Limiting Age
  • Eliminate child's coverage
Loss of Student Status
  • Eliminate child's coverage
Death of Dependent Child
  • Eliminate child's coverage
Change in Employement (Spouse or Dependent)
Commence New Job - Gain Medical Plan Coverage Eligibility with Spouse's/Domestic Partner's new employer
  • Drop coverage for self and family to enroll in new employer's plan
Spouse/Domestic Partner Terminates Employment -  Loss of Medical Plan Coverage with Spouse's Former Employer
  • Elect coverage
  • Add dependents to plan
Select medical/dental plan
Retire - May be eligible for coverage under "Rule of 75" ~ contact University Benefits office for review of your eligibility Ext. 22828.
  • Drop or add spousal coverage based on eligibility
Select medical plan
  • Per instructions from Benefits Office
Other Plan Annual Enrollment (Spouse or Dependent)
Annual Open Enrollment - Eligible for Other Coverage through Spouse/Domestic Partner on Different Plan Year
  • Drop coverage for self and family members thereby enrolling in dependent's coverage.
  • Elect coverage/add dependents to employee's plan who were previously covered under another plan
Select medical plan
Legal Proceedings
Court Order, Judgement or Decree
  • Adhere to Court Orde

Based on Court Order

To request special enrollment or obtain more information, please contact the University Benefits Office at (914) 923-2828 or  Please visit our website at and click onto Compensation &  Benefits for information about our benefit programs.