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Faculty Retirement Option Program

On November 15, 2012, Pace University introduced the Pace University Faculty Retirement Option Program. This voluntary program provides an opportunity to some of our most dedicated faculty members who are contemplating retirement. The program is being offered to select faculty whose combined age and service at Pace is equal to or greater than 90 (as of July 1, 2013).

The program has three different plans which provide choice and flexibility.

Please click here for a summary of the program.

To assist eligible faculty in their decision, Pace is also providing the following:

  1. A webinar which will focus on the operational aspects of the program and the three plans as well as post-retirement benefits.
  2. Access to TIAA-CREF wealth management counselors
  3. Frequently Asked Questions
  4. On-campus workshops, moderated by an outside expert, to discuss retirement planning as it relates to transition challenges, self-assessments and other non-financial retirement goals.