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Short Term Disability

The University provides Short-Term Disability insurance and supplements New York State disability to provide salary and benefits continuation in the event you are unable to perform the duties of your job because of illness, injury or pregnancy. Short-Term Disability leave begins on the eighth consecutive calendar day of absence, including weekends and holidays.

CIGNA is the administrator for both Short-Term Disability leave and for Family and Medical Leave as of September 1, 2010. (If a Short-Term Disability claim is medically certified, it will also count as time taken under the Family and Medical Leave Act.) Please contact CIGNA directly, at 1-888-842-4462, to file a claim.

CIGNA is responsible for administering claims, and for managing the medical case with a focus on expediting your successful and healthy return to work.

The University provides salary and benefits continuation to our full time employees as indicated below:

Length of Full Time Service at Time of Disability Salary and Benefits Continuation
Less than 3 Months No salary or benefits continuation. Eligible for the NYS Disability benefit only.
3-12 Months First two (2) months – full base salary, Up to four (4) additional months – one-half salary
12 Months and Over Full base salary and benefits up to 26 weeks within a 52-week period

How to File a Claim

Please contact CIGNA, at 1-888-842-4462, to file your claim telephonically.

In addition, please contact the University Benefits office, at (914) 923-2828 or at, for information regarding the procedure for filing your claim or for questions regarding salary and benefits continuation during your medically certified disability leave.

For staff employees, you will be expected to return to work after your disability period ends. Should you exhaust the Short Term Disability Leave period and you are unable to return to work due to disability (following the 26 weeks of leave), you may elect to file for Long-Term Disaiblity ("LTD") benefits (if eligible); however, regardless of approval or eligibility for LTD, your position will no longer be held at which point your employment with Pace will also end. If you become able to return to work following your seperation from the University, you may apply for the position you held (if available), or any another position, however, it must be through a competitive hiring process.