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Prescription Coverage

(for the six-month plan year from july 1, 2018 through december 31, 2018)

All Cigna medical plans include prescription coverage. You can locate an in-network pharmacy and access Cigna’s prescription cost calculator by logging into your account.

In-network prescription co-payments of $20, $45, and $70 for the Network Core, Network Choice 90/70 and 100/70 plans (for those enrolled as of July 1, 2015), $25, $45, and $85 for the In-Net 50 plan (for those enrolled as of June 30, 2013). The Consumer Core HDHP/HSA plan requires satisfaction of the calendar year deductible, then in-network prescription co-payments of 20%, 30%, or 40% until the calendar year Out-of-Pocket maximum has been reached.

$0 co-payments for generic preventive medications on this list (PDF).

Mail order pharmacy program managed directly by CIGNA Tel-Drug.

Value Prescription Drug List, which includes the following:

  • no coverage for certain therapeutic medications (such as those used to treat stomach acid conditions and non-sedating antihistamines for allergies) if they are available over-the-counter (OTC). Please review the Cigna Value 3-Tier Prescription Drug List (PDF), especially the section entitled, “Medications That Are Not Covered” (beginning on Page 17).
  • narrowing the list of high-cost brand drugs used to treat the same medical condition (unless proven clinically necessary through the medical exception process).
  • moving certain drugs on the formulary to another tier.

Please review the Summary of Benefits and Coverage for your plan for further information regarding prescription coverage.

Seasonal Flu Vaccines

Seasonal flu vaccines are available, at certain retail pharmacies (PDF), to Pace employees (and their covered dependents) who are enrolled in any of the Cigna medical plans. There is no cost to the participant. A Cigna ID card, for each recipient, is required.