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Human Resources

Changes in Family Status

Once you enroll in our medical and/or dental plans, the IRS does not allow you to make a change to the plan and coverage level during the calendar year, except during open enrollment. The IRS will only allow you to make a change to your coverage level during a calendar year if there is a qualifying change in your family status.

The following are acceptable changes:

  • Gaining or losing a dependent through marriage, divorce, birth, adoption or death;
  • Ineligibility of a dependent child for coverage due to age restrictions (19 or 23 with full time student status);
  • Change in spousal/domestic partner employment status.

You have 31 days from the date of the event to complete enrollment forms to change your coverage level relevant to the qualifying event. For example, if you do not initially enroll your 5-year-old child in the medical plan, you would not be able to enroll this 5-year-old child upon the birth of another child.

Please contact your Human Resources/Benefits office within 31 days of the qualifying event in order to complete the appropriate change forms. If you wait longer than 31 days, you will need to make the changes at the next annual open enrollment.