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Human Resources

Prospective Full-Time Employee

Full-Time Employee Benefits Summary

Pace University provides a competitive benefit program designed to offer:

  • Medical and dental insurance for preventive care or diagnostic and surgical procedures;
  • The opportunity to save for financial security in retirement;
  • Income protection in the event an employee is not actively at work, due to illness;
  • Programs and services that assist in balancing work and personal life;
  • Educational opportunities for the employee and eligible members of his/her family to pursue a degree at Pace or another higher education institution.

Medical Plans (For the Six-Month Plan Year from July 1, 2018 through December 31, 2018)

  • Choice of 3 different plans accessing the CIGNA Open Access Plus network. Choices include two in-network only plans (the Network Core plan and the Consumer Core HDHP/HSA plan) and one POS plan (the Network Choice 90/70 plan), which offers in- and out-of-network coverage.   Specialist referrals are not required and all plans offer pharmacy and vision benefits.
  • $1,800 cash reimbursement for one year, payable in semi-monthly installments of $75.00, if medical coverage is waived (due to other existing coverage) for the first time. After one year, the reimbursement reduces to $750 per plan year, payable in semi-monthly installments of $31.25.

Dental Plans (For the Six-Month Plan Year from July 1, 2018 through December 31, 2018)

  • Choice of two plan options through CIGNA Dental (CIGNA Dental DHMO and CIGNA Dental PPO).
  • University contributes up to 50% of the cost of individual coverage.

403b Defined Contribution Retirement Plan

  • University contributes 9% of base salary with a 3% matching employee contribution (once age and years of service requirements have been satisfied).
  • TIAA is the sole service provider.
  • Immediate vesting with first contribution.

Employee Assistance Program

  • Administered by CIGNA.
  • Provides confidential access to up to 3 free counseling sessions and other life learning resources to employees and extended family members.

Health and Dependent Child Care Flexible Spending Accounts (For the Six-Month Plan Year from July 1, 2018 through December 31, 2018)

  • You may elect to direct part of your before-tax pay into an account to use throughout the year to help pay for eligible expenses.
  • Provides reimbursement from your account for eligible health care and dependent child care expenses on a pre-tax basis.
  • Healthcare annual maximum is $1,350, Dependent Child Care annual maximum is $2,500 ($1,250 if both spouses contribute via separate employers).

Commuter Reimbursement Accounts

  • You may elect to direct part of your before-tax pay into an account to use throughout the year to help pay for your eligible mass transit and parking expenses.
  • Provides mass transit reimbursement from your account of up to $260/month ($130/paycheck) and parking reimbursement of up to $260 per month ($130 per paycheck) on a pre-tax basis for 2018.


  • University provides paid (i.e. short-term disability) and unpaid leaves, once eligibility requirements have been satisfied, to assist in addressing work/life needs.

Life Insurance and AD&D

  • University pays for basic coverage (1X salary to a maximum of $100,000).
  • Employee has option to purchase additional voluntary coverage for self (1X, 2X or 3X salary up to $750,000 maximum including basic coverage) and for dependents (up to $10,000 for a spouse or $5,000 for eligible children).

Short-Term Disability (STD)

  • University pays full cost of coverage.
  • Full salary and benefits continuation after one year of continuous full-time service to a maximum of 26 weeks within a 52-week period.

Long-Term Disability (LTD)

  • University pays full cost of coverage.
  • Employee eligible to participate after one year of continuous full-time service.

Workers' Compensation

  • University pays full premium.
  • Salary and benefits continuation as defined above in Short-Term Disability (STD).

Long Term Care Insurance

  • Voluntary benefit through UNUM Provident available to employees, their spouse/domestic partner, children, parents, and in-laws.
  • Medical questionnaire for certain Long Term Care options is waived for employee only if he/she applies during the first 31 days as a full-time new hire.
  • Portable upon separation from the University.

On-Campus Tuition Remission, Off-Campus Tuition Reimbursement, NY 529 College Savings Program

  • Up to 100% on-campus remission for employee, spouse/domestic partner and dependent children under age 24 (24 to 30 receive 50%).
  • Up to 50% on-campus remission for Special Programs: for example, Law School, eMBA, Masters in Finance for Professionals, and all doctoral programs (children from 24 to 30 receive 25%).
  • On-campus tuition remission benefits for dependent children end at age 30.
  • Employee off-campus tuition benefit for job related graduate programs not offered at Pace, maximum annual benefit is $1,000 for a public institution and $1,500 for a private institution, benefit has maximum duration of 3 years.
  • Off-campus undergraduate tuition for dependents up to age 24, $300 per semester, $2,400 max per child.
  • University participates in two Tuition Exchange Programs, Tuition Exchange, Inc. and Council of Independent Colleges (CIC). Years of service requirements must be satisfied prior to participation.
  • Employee can voluntarily contribute to New York College Savings Program.

Vacation Days and Personal Days (Staff Only)

  • Up to a maximum of 22 vacation days, per fiscal year, depending upon position level.
  • Up to a maximum of 3 personal days, per calendar year.

Holidays (Staff Only)

  • Up to 15 paid holidays, including the break from Christmas Eve through New Year's Day.