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Human Resources

Monthly Yes Award Winners

New York City - February

Pedro Figueroa, HRIS, NYC*

Recognized by Shuana Thompson, Financial Information System, Westchester:

Thank you HRIS for working together so beautifully to resolve our records load issue! You did not hesitate to roll up your sleeves and begin the tedious process of removing almost 2000 records manually. Your understanding, sometimes things happen beyond our control that we can't automate, and can-do-attitude to get what is required done shows that you are committed to Pace. You are awesome! A special thank you to Jennifer and Pedro for working into the wee hours of the night to ensure the reload was successful. Your commitment and dedication to getting the job done in an exemplary way are duly noted and very much appreciated. Thank you!

*This nomination was submitted for Jessica Allbee, Lisa Ellrodt, Pedro Figueroa, Garima Goyal, Jennifer Samuels and Ayanna Walker. Pedro was the winner of the monthly random drawing for movie tickets.

Westchester - February

Heather Novak, Project Pericles, Westchester*

Recognized by Susan Maxam, Division of Student Success, Westchester:

Congrats on our first ever and HUGELY successful First Gen Mixer!! This program, comprised of students, staff and faculty, far exceeded all expectations and proved to be an amazing initiative, connecting first generation members of the Pace community together in a lovely, lively, creative and engaging manner. THANK YOU for your dedication in ensuring this cohort of students feels a sense of belonging at Pace!!

*This nomination was submitted for Niki Fjeldal and Heather Novak. Heather was the winner of the monthly randow drawing for movie tickets.