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Monthly YES Winners

New York City - February

Naomi Naiztat*, Career Services, New York City

Recognized by Diane Coleman, Career Service, New York City:

I am nominating Naomi for "going the extra mile" in her work for the Employer Relations Team. She stayed beyond her normal workday to provide key logistical support in hosting a new recruitment event for our Pace students, the NYTech Talent Fair on 2.8.18. We had a huge crowd of both students & guests from outside the University. So delivering excellent customer service was essential to the evening.

*Svetlana Kotlyarenko, Barry Miller and Maria Pesantz were also recognized. Naomi Naiztat was the random movie ticket winner.

Westchester - February

Carlo Clarke*, ITS, Pleasantville

Recognized by Richard Miller, Dean’s Office, Dyson College, Pleasantville:

The Client Support Office is always very helpful. In this case four staff members worked together to fix an issue on a fellow staff member’s PC that just wouldn't go away. We appreciate their hard work and professionalism.

*Michael DiMattia, Louis Guglielmo and Kyle Hanson were also recognized. Carlo Clarke was the random movie ticket winner.

Previous University-Wide Monthly YES Winners

January 2018

New York City: Nancy Campoverde*, School of Education, New York City

Recognized by Sue Maxam, Division of Student Success, New York City & Pleasantville: On behalf of the entire Advising Institute Planning Committee as well as all those in attendance at this year’s Institute, I’d like to thank you very much for serving on the graduate and combined degree programs panel! You did a fabulous job imparting important information and did so in record time! We are all sincerely grateful!

*Nancy was nominated along with Brooke Hasan, Kathryn Olsen, Jane Dolan, Stephanie Elson, Judith DeBlasio and Melissa Grant. Nancy is the random monthly movie ticket winner.

Westchester: Amanda Peterson*, Financial Aid Office, Westchester

Recognized by Janice Hilbrink, Financial Aid Office, Westchester: Amanda and Dan helped a student with severe odds against her in life. Amanda and Dan's accessibility, professionalism, and respect for the student made a special award happen. They took extra steps, and their compassion for this student could not have been better.

*Amanda was nominated along with Dan Robinson. Amanda is the random monthly movie ticket winner.

December 2017

New York City: Fallon Saratovsky, Ed Media, NYC

Recognized by Patricia Carolan, Office of the EVP, CFO & Treasurer, Valhalla: Fallon Saratovksy was an enormous help with an off-campus event during the weekend. She came into work early in order to assist with a Blue Jeans video conference and stayed in touch to make sure there were no problems. Prior to the event she kept me informed of what was needed and assured me that she had everything under control - and she did. Many thanks, Fallon!

Westchester: Louis Guglielmo, ITS, Valhalla

Recognized by Maureen Doddy, ITS, Valhalla: I'd like to nominate Louis for the YES award. He is a pleasure to deal with as a co-worker and he is incredibly responsive, patient and accessible to answer and assist our end users with all of their technology needs. Louis Makes It Happen every day!

November 2017

New York City: Maggie Leung-Marino, Special Events, New York City

Recognized by Betsy Garti, Human Resources, Valhalla: On behalf of the entire Human Resources department, I would like to thank you for your assistance with the 2017 NYC Employee Recognition Ceremony. Your involvement truly helped make the event successful. Many thanks for your continued commitment to Pace University!

Westchester: Tony Patteril, Educational Media, Westchester

Recognized by Betsy Garti, Human Resources, Valhalla: On behalf of the entire Human Resources department, I would like to thank you for your assistance with the 2017 PLV Employee Recognition Ceremony. Your involvement truly helped make the event successful. Many thanks for your continued commitment to Pace University!

October 2017

New York City: Christian Ramirez, Financial Aid, New York City

Recognized by Kaila Devaux, Financial Aid, New York City: Christian is our Help Desk go- to person! Even though during peak season it gets a little crazy, Christian is always on top of emails! He has been here for five years now and I have only been here for 10 months. He has been a great help and a very warm person upon my arrival to the Financial Aid office! Keep up the great work! Without you, we would not understand how our computers work!

Westchester: Tom Varghese, Educational Media, Westchester

Recognized by Kim Porter, Cooperative Education, Westchester: Tom has been helpful to Career Services at several events. He helps plan ahead and proactively anticipate issues. He makes himself available and is very prompt. He is a terrific example to staff as to how to conduct themselves at the highest professional level. Kudos!

September 2017

New York City: Michelle Atiemo, Special Events, New York City*

Recognized by Michelle Rivas, Graduate Academic Advisement & Student Development, New York City & Jaclyn Kopel, Honors Program, New York City: Since I started working in the Office of Graduate Academic Advisement and Student Development in January, Michelle Atiemo has been one of the main event coordinators appointed to my event submissions. Michelle is always friendly, professional, easily accessible, accountable and highly proactive. Yesterday our office coordinated and hosted a New Club Leaders Training in the Bianco Room. The setup was not what I envisioned. Michelle and Al from Buildings & Grounds jumped in right away to resolve. (Michelle Rivas)

Maggie, Topher, and Michelle consistently work hard to make our events a success. They are proactive and reach out to me before events to make sure all my requests have been addressed. They recently helped make our Ice Cream Social a huge success. We had 221 students attend and everything went smoothly. Additionally, we had a last minute guest speaker who came from out of town and they worked to make it all happen with little notice. They always make sure our needs are addressed and get back to me right away. Even when things out of their control go wrong they remain professional. (Jaclyn Kopel)

*Michelle was nominated along with Christopher Cherestal and Maggie Leung Marino with the above nomination. Michelle was the random monthly movie ticket winner.

Westchester: Matt Renna, Human Resources, Westchester*

Recognized by Alerie Tirsch, Residential Life, Westchester: The move in process was so smooth this year thanks to the help of volunteers like you. Your willingness to give up your personal time to help welcome and transition our new students and families to campus was so greatly appreciated. We received so much positive feedback that our volunteers had wonderful attitudes and were all so helpful. Many family members commented that our volunteers made them feel at ease in a time when they were feeling anxious about this transition. Your smiling faces and dedication to the Pace Community shined brightly on Opening day! Thanks for always being there and offering a helping hand and helping us "Make it Happen".

*Matt Renna was nominated along with Cathleen Raynis-Meeker, Alyssa Caffarelli, Sarah Burns-Feyl, Arlene Bocskocsky, Kim Hrotko, Sasha-Gay Scott, Abigail Smith, Victoria Valdes, Joanna Verlezza, Shaun Livingston, Mary Lieto, Erin Doolin, Rosa Ament, and Steven Feyl by Alerie Tirsch, Sue Maxam and Rachel Carpenter. Matt was the random monthly movie ticket winner.

August 2017

New York City: Zachary Karp, Graduate Admissions, New York City*

Recognized by Sherylyne Toque, College of Health Professions, New York City: For the extended assistance in the rigorous process of students transitioning from the admission process to didactic education beginning at orientation.

*Zachary Karp was nominated along with Susan Ford-Goldschein, Major Hatch, Carina Sanchez and Luis Williams. Zachary was the random monthly movie ticket winner.

Westchester: Victoria Valdes, Residential Life, Westchester

Recognized by Alyssa Caffarelli, Residential Life, Westchester: Victoria is a new Residence Director at Pace who has not had any prior residential life experience, but you would never know it! Especially noteworthy is that she does not use this as a reason to not take initiative (even though it would be totally understandable if she needed to wait to do so!). Specifically this week, Victoria has led the other Residence Directors in a creative effort to make thoughtful welcome packages for our Resident Assistants on a budget (as our department received budget cuts this year), utilizing items we already have and being thoughtful about low-cost things we can buy. Victoria put a lot of work into these ideas and created a Google Document where we could all collaborate on this together. This act of going above and beyond for the team was especially appreciated as we all prepare for RA training next week which is one of our busiest times of year!