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Monthly YES Winners

New York City - January

Jillian Gorry, University Relations, New York City

Recognized by Sue Maxam, Office of the Provost/EVP Academic Affairs, Westchester/NYC:

Thank you, Jillian, for all that you do to support our student success efforts...from highlighting key opportunities in the oh-so-amazing Pace Pulse that are brought to your attention (as well as the gems you dig up yourself!!) to putting together comprehensive lists of key student stories and university initiatives for a project I am currently working on! But more than that, thank you for being YOU...someone who truly cares about our students, takes pride in highlighting their accomplishments, and goes out of her way to support her colleagues! You are such a pleasure to work with, Jillian!!!

Westchester - January

Theresa Nahim, English Language Institute, Westchester

Recognized by Daniel Lenkowsky, English Language Institute, NYC:

Thank you so much for taking the time to plan and lead the "How to Lead Successful Global Teams" hands-on workshop for Education USA - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The online workshop was well attended, and the participants enjoyed it! In a competitive market, your contributions help set Pace University apart from other programs. Now there are 30+ more people across the world who have benefited from the high-quality instruction that Pace provides.

YES I Make It Happen Monthly Nominees

All Employees recognized in the month of January 2021 (PDF)

Previous University-Wide Monthly YES Winners

December 2020

Matt Brown, Center for Academic Excellence, New York City*

Recognized by Jennifer Talbot, Center for Academic Excellence, Westchester:

Cathy, Matt and Carolyn did a great job in creating and presenting sessions for prospective FY and TR students at the Winter Open House event on Sunday. I am grateful for their efforts and willingness to partner with our colleagues in Enrollment Management to offer these sessions and especially for how well they convey all the wonderful opportunities and resources for students at Pace. Their presentations showed the welcoming and caring community at Pace that we create for our students and their families.

*Cathy Raynis Meeker and Carolyn Endick were also nominated. Matt Brown was the winner of the random movie ticket drawing.

John Sassano, Finance & Administration, Westchester**

Recognized by Matt Renna, Human Resources, Westchester/New York City:

On behalf of the Human Resources department I want to thank you for serving on the Special Awards Nomination Committee this year. Your time and effort were extremely valuable in the review and assessment of all the nominations for 2020. Thank you for volunteering for this very important committee!

** Marcus Braga Alves, Liza Bell, Beth Buls, Purnima Deshwal, Elizabeth Luongo, and Jennifer Rosenstein were also nominated. John Sassano was the winner of the random movie ticket drawing.

November 2020

Darrell Lee, Financial Aid, New York City*

Recognized by Jill Olimpieri, Seidenberg School of CSIS, Westchester:

A bit thanks to Darrell and Regina for supporting the Seidenberg School through UNIV 101. Our students highly benefit from their informative presentation about budgeting scholarships the financial aid process/deadlines and so much more. I'm so thankful for both of their time this semester for assisting our students on both the PLV and NYC campus. Many of my students were proactive after the presentation to submit the FAFSA and check into scholarships really appreciate this opportunity! Thanks again Regina and Darrell.

*Regina Robinson was also nominated. Darrell Lee was the winner of the random movie ticket drawing.

Dany Swindler, College of Health Professions, Westchester

Recognized by Justin McManus, Enrollment Management, Westchester:

I would like to thank Dany for completing a last-minute request to publicize a recruitment event! Even though I submitted the request at 4:00pm it was posted to LinkedIn within minutes. I have always appreciated her responsiveness, but this example takes the cake!

October 2020

Helene Cruz, Career Services, New York City*

Recognized by Jennifer Talbot, Division of Student Success, Pleasantville:

Many thanks to each of our colleagues who worked together to offer a wonderful variety of programs, opportunities and resources for our Transfer students in support of our celebration of National Transfer Appreciation week at Pace. Your willingness to collaborate with the Transfer Student Experience office to recognize, celebrate and meet the unique needs of our Transfer students at Pace is greatly appreciated and will undoubtedly have a lasting and positive impact on the experiences of our Transfer students. Many thanks to each of you for the difference you made for our Transfer students and reinforcing their membership and inclusion in our Pace community.

*Carolyn Endick, Jillian Gorry, Kayla Betacchini, Joanna Verlezza, Rebecca Slotkin, Michael Cordova, Severino Randazzo and Jemima Fortune were also nominated. Helene Cruz was the winner of the random movie ticket drawing.

Heather Hilbrink, Financial Aid, Westchester

Recognized by Annette Hernandez, Office of Student Assistance, Westchester:

This is long overdue, but I would like to recognize Heather for her assistance at all hours. She is always available to assist my team and I while navigating student account inquiries. This is a peak time for her department, she still goes above and beyond to assist. I am extremely appreciative of her efforts. Thank you, Heather!

Heather was also recognized by Julie Werkheiser, Continuing & Professional Education, Westchester*

Thank you for joining the pilot program “Effective Time Management & Technology Tips While Working Remotely.” Your active participation and feedback are invaluable to us as we continue to evolve our Talent Development programs. Thank you for being accessible, respectful, professional, accountable and proactive. YES, You Make It Happen!

*Severino Randazzo, William Voll, Sarah Carton, Patricia Boustany, Kai Williams, Jonah Safris, John Blackwell, Jaclyn Callery, Inita Mix, Erica Gonell, Gisela Tirado Tewes, Edward Goralski, Mariesa Cruz Tillery, Denise Moreno and Christopher Angiolino were also nominated by Julie. Heather Hilbrink was the winner of the random movie ticket drawing.

September 2020

Amanda Miranda, Financial Aid, New York City

Recognized by Adam Ramos, Financial Aid, NYC:

Amanda is the epitome of a team player; she is always willing to go above and beyond to help and that is deeply appreciated during these new and trying times.

Nicole Salimbene, Undergraduate Admissions, Westchester

Recognized by Renee Brown-Cheng, Undergraduate Admissions, Westchester:

Nicole has been an inspirational leader especially during the time of Covid-19. Nicole is always encouraging us to think outside of the box for ways to bring both campuses to life and assists us in developing our ideas. Her leadership has also been instrumental in making both campuses feel and operate as one when it comes to campus tours and events.

August 2020

Erin Mysogland, Center of Community Action & Research, New York City*

Recognized by Rachel Simon, Multicultural Affairs Office, New York City:

Erin has been invaluable this pandemic as a partner on remote programs and support!

*Heather Novak was also nominated. Erin Mysogland was the winner of the random movie ticket drawing.

Kayte Kinsley, Athletics & Recreation, Westchester*

Recognized by Rachel Carpenter, Dean for Students Office, Westchester:

Mark Brown, Claudia Stabile, Kayte Kinsley and Rachana Shah volunteered to help escort PLV quarantine hotel students from their rooms to the COVID-19 testing site in the hotel and back to their rooms. They tirelessly and effortlessly chatted with students as they walked down the halls from their rooms to the testing site and back. This gave students some good staff contact time to show that we care about them and their health - and express empathy towards them in the time of quarantine. All four of these people were lovely to work with and really helped reduce the time required to get all the PLV hotel quarantine students tested.  When other people might think they're too busy or too concerned with Covid-19 concerns these four really stepped up to help Student Affairs.

*Mark Brown, Claudia Stabile and Rachana Shah were also nominated. Kayte Kinsley was the winner of the random movie ticket drawing.

July 2020

Todd Smith-Bergollo, Student Development & Campus Activities, New York City*

Recognized by Stacey Butler, Residential Life, New York City:

Taking on orientation is a big feat all but moving is all online in a matter of months is a miracle and deserves all the recognition and award possible! This Orientation Team has been nothing but amazing this year. They have made the online orientation engaging, informative and seamless for our incoming students. The times I have logged in to present or answer questions, I have had no issues. They do ask for praise and make it look easy, but they are the reason our incoming students are still excited and ready for Pace! Thank you for all the hard work the three of you have put into these.

*Jemima Fortune and Severino Randazzo were also nominated. Todd Smith-Bergollo was the winner of the random movie ticket drawing.

Kim Turner, Development & Alumni Relations, Westchester

Recognized by Kimberly Collica-Cox, Criminal Justice & Security, New York City/Westchester:

Ms. Turner has gone over and beyond for the Parenting, Prison, & Pups Program for the last few years in helping us to secure funding and to maintain a fantastic working relationship with our funder. She is so supportive of our work; she attends all our events. This program is transformative for our students and the incarcerated mothers they work with. Her assistance, dedication and commitment to our students is admirable. She is truly an example of an exemplary staff person at Pace and we are so fortunate to have her.