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Monthly YES Winners

New York City - June

Nasreen Hussein, Division of Student Success, New York City*

Recognized by Sue Maxam, Division of Student Success, New York City/Westchester:

Thank you for your hard work, creativity and collaboration in planning the 2nd Annual Student Success and Retention Retreat! We topped out at 270 participants and by all accounts, it was an inspirational, informative, thought-provoking, and energizing day! We couldn’t have done it without you!

*Alec Koehler, Jennifer Talbot, Todd Smith-Bergollo, Allyson King, Patricia Boustany and Liza Bell were also nominated. Nasreen Hussein was the winner of the random movie ticket drawing.


Westchester - June

Dan Reicher, Client Support, ITS, Westchester

Recognized by Rich Carthew, Human Resources, Westchester:

I'd like to give a well-deserved 'shout out!' to Dan - (thanks mate!) - who went the extra mile to help get me connected to my Pace iMac and provided information needed ahead of time. I was out of the Valhalla office the day Pace made the decision to work from home and wasn't sure if my iMac was powered up. It wasn't. So, Dan organized with our excellent Pace security team to head over there and plug it into an alternative socket to get it up and running (thanks security!) and then using VNC Viewer- good to go. Great work, Dan!

YES I Make It Happen Monthly Nominees

All Employees recognized in the month of  June 2020 (PDF)

Previous University-Wide Monthly YES Winners

May 2020

Amanda Miranda, Financial Aid, New York City

Recognized by Liam Tuohey, Undergraduate Admissions, NYC:

Amanda has been extremely helpful in assisting me with working with prospective students and working through financial aid package issues questions and much more. Thank you, Amanda!

Erika Schmid, Student Affairs, Westchester

Recognized by MaryAnn Errante, University Special Events, Westchester:

Just wanted to thank Erika for all the assistance she showed me during the “Virtual Commencement.” Erika was very thoughtful and kind. I just wanted her to know how much it was appreciated. Thank you again, Erika!

April 2020

Steven Bookman*, Pathways/International Programs & Services, New York City

Recognized by Sue Maxam, Division of Student Success, New York City/Pleasantville:

Thank you so very much for serving as a panelist for today's OER faculty panel presentation! Your insights and perspectives were invaluable to those who "tuned in" to listen! I've already received a number of emails from faculty who were grateful and are keen on learning more as a result! You are wonderful!

*Matthew Marcello, Travis Webster, Lisa Fastenberg were also nominated. Steven Bookman was the winner of the random movie ticket drawing.

Jonah Safris, Mail Services, Westchester

Recognized by Rosemary Mulry, Human Resources, Pleasantville:

Jonah Safris consistently goes above and beyond to make Mail Services run smoothly! Today I reached out to Mail Services following up on my previous day’s effort to locate a book delivery for a faculty member. The book is needed for the professor to prepare the syllabus for an upcoming class. Jonah took the time to track the package using information the professor provided and confirmed that the package had been delivered. Thank you, Jonah!

March 2020

Richard Shadick, Counseling, New York City

Recognized by Kate Torres, Student Accessibility Services, NYC:

Richard has been an extraordinary leader as we are dealing with the COVID-19 crisis and transition to remote operations. He has been responsive to staff needs, proactively checking on our wellbeing and working to address any issues before they escalate. It is clear that Richard values his team, and in uncertain times, his steady hand is helping to guide us all.

Jimmy Leon, Information Technology System/Law School, Westchester

Recognized by Annette Hernandez, Office of Student Assistance, Westchester:

Jimmy is always available whenever I or the OSA Call Center Staff need assistance. He goes above and beyond each time we reach out to him. Jimmy always has a positive and proactive attitude and, on many occasions, has stayed late to help me or my direct reports. Jimmy, thank you for always making it happen!

February 2020

Ashley Sanguinetti, Student Accessibility Services, New York City

Recognized by Kate Torres, Student Accessibility Services, NYC:

This year, Ashley Sanguinetti headed up our annual Wellness Week on behalf of both the Counseling Center and Student Affairs Programming Action Team. This was her first year at the helm, and she worked diligently to provide top quality programming for all Pace NYC students! With over 13 unique events and week-long tabling efforts, Wellness Week was a hit! Thanks for all your hard work, Ashley!

Will Gasparrini, Information Technology Services, Westchester

Recognized by David Snell, Information Technology Services, Westchester:

Since joining Pace I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Will. He is always quick to make himself available when called upon and is a valued resource. Additionally, he has innate ability to effectively communicate topics that are very complex. Pace is lucky to have him.

January 2020

Anthony Corsitto, CAP Program, New York City*

Recognized by Carolyn Endick, Center for Academic Excellence, NYC

Matt, Tony and Alex volunteer with Transfer Orientation check-in year after year. Because of them, we are able to run a smooth check-in process. Their time and dedication to our transfer students is very much appreciated!

*Matthew Brown and Alexandria Schaefer were also nominated. Anthony Corsitto was the winner of the random movie ticket drawing.

Felicia Robcke, Human Resources, Westchester

Recognized by David Snell, Information Technology Services, Pleasantville

Felicia Robcke, from the moment I met her, has been an impeccable employee. She is always responsive to the needs of my department and always thoughtful/insightful in the workings of the University.  I think Pace or any employer for that matter would love to have her as an employee.

December 2019

Fallon Saratovsky, Educational Media/ITS, New York City

Recognized by Martina Blackwood, Dyson College of Arts and Sciences, NYC

Fallon Saratovsky is such an asset to this institution because of her outstanding work ethic. I can always count on Fallon to assist faculty in understanding how they can better utilize tech tools offered through Pace. Just this week, Fallon held up to what seemed like an endless list on Dyson meetings that had to be properly coordinated and set up at various locations. Fallon worked so hard to ensure that all meetings were set up on time and the presenters had whatever they needed. This was a particularly busy week, but Fallon made it so much easier! Fallon, as always, thanks for your great work.

Annette Hernandez, Office of Student Assistance, Westchester

Recognized by David Snell, Information Technology Services, PLV

Annette, when called upon, has not only assisted my team but she has become a valuable resource with the work both our teams do.