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Human Resources

Monthly Yes Award Winners

New York City - June

Ellen Sowchek, Office of the University Librarian, New York City*

Recognized by Nina Restuccia, Development and Alumni Relations, New York City:

Ellen and Guy collaborated to find an interview conducted by a Trustee of President Mortola that appeared in the Pace Press in the late 1960s. Guy then had it framed and sent to the Trustee. The Trustee replied with a thank you note that included lots of !!. It was a great stewardship touch point and collaboration!

*Ellen Sowchek was nominated along with Guycaelle Vaval by Nina Restuccia. Ellen was the random monthly movie ticket winner.

Westchester - June

Gzim Hakanjin, Human Resources, Westchester

Recognized by Lisa Dash-Grimes, Human Resources, New York City/Westchester:

Gzim Hakanjin is a brand new student assistant to Staffing and Recruitment, working with us in the Valhalla office. Gzim was tasked, as his first assignment, to turn survey data into a visual format that would be easily read and understood by me as well as be able to serve as presentation material when educating others on the topic. Gzim produced a PowerPoint that was incredibly creative, easy to understand and captured all the data we required so we could tell a convincing story on this particular topic. When you are lucky enough to hire a student who can hit it out of the ballpark on their first try, that is a good sign of great things to come. Welcome aboard Gzim and we look forward to more homeruns from you.