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Monthly YES Winners

New York City - February

Ashley Sanguinetti, Student Accessibility Services, New York City

Recognized by Kate Torres, Student Accessibility Services, NYC:

This year, Ashley Sanguinetti headed up our annual Wellness Week on behalf of both the Counseling Center and Student Affairs Programming Action Team. This was her first year at the helm, and she worked diligently to provide top quality programming for all Pace NYC students! With over 13 unique events and week-long tabling efforts, Wellness Week was a hit! Thanks for all your hard work, Ashley!


Westchester - February

Will Gasparrini, Information Technology Services, Westchester

Recognized by David Snell, Information Technology Services, Westchester:

Since joining Pace I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Will. He is always quick to make himself available when called upon and is a valued resource. Additionally, he has innate ability to effectively communicate topics that are very complex. Pace is lucky to have him.

YES I Make It Happen Monthly Nominees

All Employees recognized in the month of  February 2020 (PDF)

Previous University-Wide Monthly YES Winners

January 2020

Anthony Corsitto, CAP Program, New York City*

Recognized by Carolyn Endick, Center for Academic Excellence, NYC:

Matt, Tony and Alex volunteer with Transfer Orientation check-in year after year. Because of them, we are able to run a smooth check-in process. Their time and dedication to our transfer students is very much appreciated!

*Matthew Brown and Alexandria Schaefer were also nominated. Anthony Corsitto was the winner of the random movie ticket drawing.

Felicia Robcke, Human Resources, Westchester

Recognized by David Snell, Information Technology Services, Pleasantville:
Felicia Robcke, from the moment I met her, has been an impeccable employee. She is always responsive to the needs of my department and always thoughtful/insightful in the workings of the University.  I think Pace or any employer for that matter would love to have her as an employee.

December 2019

Fallon Saratovsky, Educational Media/ITS, New York City

Recognized by Martina Blackwood, Dyson College of Arts and Sciences, NYC

Fallon Saratovsky is such an asset to this institution because of her outstanding work ethic. I can always count on Fallon to assist faculty in understanding how they can better utilize tech tools offered through Pace. Just this week, Fallon held up to what seemed like an endless list on Dyson meetings that had to be properly coordinated and set up at various locations. Fallon worked so hard to ensure that all meetings were set up on time and the presenters had whatever they needed. This was a particularly busy week, but Fallon made it so much easier! Fallon, as always, thanks for your great work.

Annette Hernandez, Office of Student Assistance, Westchester

Recognized by David Snell, Information Technology Services, PLV

Annette, when called upon, has not only assisted my team but she has become a valuable resource with the work both our teams do.

November 2019

Brian Evans, Professor/Mathematics, New York City*

Recognized by Sue Maxam, Division of Student Success , New York City/Pleasantville  
Congratulations kudos and thanks for being among the top three professors in the ENTIRE university for completing all three Academic Progress Report (APRs) this fall via OnTrack for every single student in all of your classes!! Your support makes all the difference in ensuring our students succeed academically!

*Steve Bollon and Charlene Hoegler were also nominated. Brian Evans was the winner of the random movie ticket drawing.

Elizabeth Colon, College of Health Professions, Westchester

Recognized by Jane Bear-Lehman, College of Health Professions, Pleasantville

Thank you for your tremendous support of the health science majors at this time of great need. Very much appreciate your working so closely with me and your tireless effort.

October 2019

Elly Rodgers, Dean’s Office, Dyson College, New York City

Recognized by Dan Botting, Center for Community Action & Research, NYC

Elly worked with us to create our 18-19 End of the Year report. Not only does it look amazing, but she was always available to answer questions and collaborated with us through five plus proofs of the report. She was proactive in identifying potential problems and working with her was a pleasure. Oh, and the report looks amazing.

Anton Kozlowski, Security, Westchester

Recognized by Shawna Mott, Residential Life, PLV

Anton has continued to support the Residential Life and Housing department in many ways, whether it’s conducting searches or being present for difficult student conduct meetings Anton is always willing to stop what he is going to come help. This year he sat while I had a very difficult student in my office for a conduct meeting and came in to remove the student as he was yelling at me and being disrespectful. He also works with his Security staff to make sure they understand our protocols and follows up with concerns. Anton goes above and beyond to keep our campus safe and I appreciate his kindness and support!

September 2019

Hannah Holloway, Dean’s Office, Dyson College, New York City*

Recognized by Sue Maxam, Division of Student Success, NYC & PLV

Thank you so much for actively participating in the University-wide 90+ credit initiative whereby proactive and intensive outreach was done to students who have been at Pace for five years, but failed to graduate. As a result of the collective efforts of you and other Advisors, 14% of the students on the original list who would not have otherwise graduated, now have a Pace degree!! THANK YOU!!

*Kristen Casano, Angela Yanowiak, Ashley Gomez, Kimberly Brazaitis, Ann Marie McGlynn, Eileen Murphy, Shanice Maynard, Rosemarie Scilipoti, Ahlin Min, Kathryn Olsen, Seanna Wright, Nicole Gilman and Talea Collins were also nominated. Hannah Holloway was the winner of the random movie ticket drawing.

Abigail Smith, Residential Life PLV, Westchester*

Recognized by Nasreen Hussain, Division of Student Success, NYC

I would like to thank you for your willingness to serve as a mentor for the launch of the First-Generation Mentoring Program on the Pleasantville campus. While we needed fewer mentors this year than anticipated, your willingness to serve did not go unnoticed. First-generation mentoring is immensely important and I know that together we can grow this program by leaps and bounds! THANK YOU!

*Sue Maxam, Regina Robinson, Paula King, Pauline Mosley, Jennifer Cathers, Rose Gillen, Kathryn Winsted, Wen Xi, Alerie Tirsch, Rachel Carpenter and Rachel Simon were also nominated. Abigail Smith was the winner of the random movie ticket drawing.

Recognized by Rachel Simon, Multicultural Affairs Office, PLV

Abigail, Wen and Victoria have stepped up to help run the AALANA Mentorship program this
semester. I am so grateful to have their professionalism and support.

*Victoria Valdes and Wen Xi were also nominated.

August 2019

Kayla DeGaray, Enrollment Management, New York City*

Recognized by Justin McManus, Graduate Admissions-CHP, Pleasantville

Online scheduling: Brought concept to senior staff members; helped create implementation strategy; now working on ways to track. Result: 21% of appointments were scheduled when office was closed. Capturing outcomes: derived strategy for increasing amount of outcomes through use of a survey; going forward into the fall semester, using a kiosk in the office.

*Christopher Thomas, Veronica Rivera, Remzi Iljaz, Roberto Tomala, Jeanette Cristantiello, Steven Carlson, Zyari Brown, Julia Lentine, Ramona Schaefer, Mary Shaw and Wendy Chadnick were also nominated. Kayla DeGaray was the winner of the random movie ticket drawing.

Tony Negrin, Facilities & Capital Projects, Westchester

Recognized by Erin McNamara, Residential Life, Pleasantville

Tony always goes above and beyond to help when needed.