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Human Resources

Monthly Yes Award Winners

New York City - April

Kit Lee-Demery and Kaitlin Benedict, Residential Life, New York City*

Recognized by Patrick Roger-Gordon, New York City:

During the fire at 1PP on April 9th, Kaitlin and Kit effectively led the RA staff to manage evacuated residents for the several hours they were out of the building. They were prepared with emergency relocation protocol and maintained excellent communication. They were amazing resources to both residents and student staff.

*Kaitlin Benedict was nominated along with Kit Lee-Demery by Patrick Roger-Gordon. Kit was the random monthly movie ticket winner.

Westchester - April

Niki Fjeldal, Student Development and Campus Activities, Westchester*

Recognized by Sue Maxam, Division of Student Success, Westchester/NYC:

Thank you so much for volunteering your time at the cap and gown distribution this year! Your assistance was incredibly helpful to not only the commencement team but more importantly, to our graduating students! I realize you are very busy, yet you made the time to support our students and help them begin celebrating this momentous occasion as they picked up their regalia! You are greatly appreciated!!

*The following individuals were nominated along with Niki Fjeldal by Sue Maxam for their assistance with cap and gown distribution. Niki was the random monthly movie ticket winner: Rachel Simon, Mariesa Cruz-Tillery, Eric Deserto, Cornell Craig, Vincent Birkenmeyer, Alerie Tirsch, Lauren Saler Gerstel, Elisse Geberth, Lisa Bardill Moscaritolo, Sasha-Gay Scott, Debbie Levesque, Rachel Carpenter, Joanne Verlezza, Priya Pandit, Austin Arena, Agnieszka Markiewicz, Michael Cordova, Michael Verdino, Maria DiRusso, Kimberly Brazaitis, Milton Almodovar, Severino Randazzo, Stephanie Elson, Caroly Endick, Jennifer Rosenstein, Jill Stephenson, Todd Smith-Bergollo, Erin Furey, Jemima Fortune and Luis Nobrega