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Human Resources

Employee Service Awards

Service Awards are given to employees who have completed 5 to 50 years of service in 5 year increments. Please view the service award honorees listed in the menu on the right. Please Note: Beginning in 2011, milestone anniversaries are based on original date of hire for Employee Recognition purposes only.

Monthly Employee Service Honorees

July 2018

5 Years of Service
Ibrahima Bagate
Rudina Brecani
Stacey Butler
Jason Czarnezki
Melissa Grant
Wendy Harte
Matthew Healing
Jonathan Hooker
Ashley Kuenneke
Thomas Mariano
Wendy Metzger
Nina Restuccia
Mariajose Romero
Deth Sao
Jacqueline Tortorella

10 Years of Service
Cassandra Carney
Suzanne DeRosa
Stephanie Desiato

15 Years of Service
Bridget Crawford
Elizabeth Luckhoo
Daniel Molina
Marie Morada
Jenny Rolston
Marie Silviotti

20 Years of Service
Derrick Jones
Michael Winn
Lurline Stewart

25 Years of Service
Josephine Licciardello
Augustine Mascuilli
Ellen Weisbord

30 Years of Service
Jennifer Hui
Barbara Mowder

40 Years of Service
Daniel Baugher