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Employee Service Awards

Service Awards are given to employees who have completed 5 to 50 years of service in 5 year increments. Please view the service award honorees listed in the menu on the right. Please Note: Beginning in 2011, milestone anniversaries are based on original date of hire for Employee Recognition purposes only.

Monthly Employee Service Honorees

October 2015

5 Years of Service
Kamini Bishoo
Nancy Campoverde
Alyssa Cressotti
Dana Cunningham

Jennifer Langerfeld
Jillian Magee

Tammi Clearfield
Joseph Pascetta
Michael Pocchia

Susan Smutzler

10 Years of Service
Nydia Delgado
Jonelle Waldropt
Michael DeRario

15 Years of Service
Alina Matei
Cindy Lau
Monisha Moore
Miriam Ramirez
Bless Vaidian
William Voll

20 Years of Service
Bonnie Smith

25 Years of Service
Frances Coleman

35 Years of Service
Yvonne Gibbs

45 Years of Service
Lynne Byrne