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Human Resources

Employee Service Awards

Service Awards are given to employees who have completed 5 to 50 years of service in 5 year increments. Please view the service award honorees listed in the menu on the right. Please Note: Beginning in 2011, milestone anniversaries are based on original date of hire for Employee Recognition purposes only.

Monthly Employee Service Honorees

June 2017

5 Years of Service
Alison Wofford
Jimmie Flores
Ashley Lall
Stephanie St. Juste
Cherisse Thompson
Santa Santiago-Ramos

10 Years of Service
Mathew Thomas
Marc Potolsky

15 Years of Service
Karen Ferro
Aron Gottesman
Muhammad Hossain
Heather Calchera

20 Years of Service
Iraida Garcia
Patricia Vogel

25 Years of Service
Nilsa Eppolito

40 Years of Service
Theresa Cichetti