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Human Resources

Executive Onboarding

Our goal with our Executive Onboarding Program is to support you in assimilating quickly and successfully into this new culture. We are here to help you build relationships, understand the culture and achieve results.

To this end, we have a 3-Phase program:

Phase I: Administrative

  • Human Resources contacts Executive Assistant and provides a checklist (PDF) of items to prepare for you, such as work essentials and schedule of meetings and training for first few weeks
  • This Executive Onboarding website provides you with centralized information to help you understand and navigate the University; including the important history of Pace; Organizational Charts; Officers of the Administration; University Policies and Forms and Administrative Procedures.

Phase II: Organizational

  • Attend the monthly New Employee Orientation. Please check your offer letter for the date of the next Orientation.
  • Your Executive Assistant or Budget Representative will have a Transition Notebook ready for you on your first day. It will contain information about your Division; including organizational charts, goals, staff information (including job descriptions), budget documents and other relevant information.

Phase III: Coaching & Development

  • The Vice President of Human Resources will select a transition coach for you. This member of the Administration will help you build relationships, understand the culture, provide campus tours, and generally serve as a resource for "hard to ask" questions and "hard to find" answers.
  • Your Executive Sponsor (the President or Provost) and the Vice President of Human Resources will establish goals & expectations for you and possibly identify a training plan.

Please let us know how we can help you. Human Resources Directory