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Human Resources


1. What to do if an employee is not listed in Kronos?
Please contact the Human Resources Talent Acquisition at (914) 923-2730 to find out if all paperwork is complete or is still pending.

2. What to do if an employee reports he/she is not being paid?
Please contact the HR Talent Acquisition at (914) 923-2730 to find out if all New Hire Paperwork has been completed. If not, the employee must complete the New Hire packet before payment can be made to the employee. If this is an Adjunct Faculty, the employee must first contact their Faculty Representative to see if all paper work is completed and the Faulty Representative will then contact HRIS for further update.

3. How to help an employee that needs verification for mortgages or other similar requests?
View information and procedures for obtaining verifications.

4. What to do if an employee is requesting to view their employment files?
Active employees who wish to review their own file can contact the Employee Relations Department (ext. 22645) to schedule an appointment with an Employee Relations Representative.

5. If a manager or department receive a Subpoena for an employee from their department? Where should it be sent to?
Please send the subpoena to HRIS, located in 100 Summit Lake Drive, 3rd Floor, Valhalla or fax the information to 914-989-8502.

6. If you find yourself not having access to People Admin, who should you contact first?
Please have your manager provide an email to HRIS to request access. The email should include the type of access (Hiring Manager, Dean/VP, or Budget Representative) and the department name and organization code.

7. When should a separation form be filled out and where to send it to first?
All staff, faculty and student separations should be done through the Online Separation System as soon as the employee has given notice of departure date. Get more information about the separation process.

8. Who should be contacted if your faculty member does not have a University ID#?
Please contact the HRIS Analyst at (914) 923-2723 to find out the status of the Faculty members’ paperwork. If there is no paperwork pending in HRIS, please contact the new employee to see if they have completed paperwork with the HR Department.

9. How do I pay a faculty member for work completed outside their normal duties?
You can request additional payments to be made through the Payment Actions System, which can be found in MyPace Portal.

10. What is the process for changing personal information (last name/address/email/campus)?
There are two options for changing your personal information:

  1. Log into MyPace Portal and click the Personal Information Link on the Staff tab.

  2. Complete a Personal Data Form and submit it to HR. If you have legally changed your name (marriage/divorce/etc.), and would like this change to be reflected in your employee record, please provide the HR Department with proof of this change. Examples of acceptable documents include: marriage certificate, social security card, and divorce decree.

11. When do I need to approve my employees on Kronos so that they get paid on time?
Please refer to Payroll Calendar for KRONOS time card approval deadlines.