Monthly YES Award Winners






~ February ~



Kaitlin Benedict, Residential Life, NYC

Recognized by Jaclyn Kopel, Honors Program, NYC

Kaitlin was an amazing help to us during our Honors Overnight! When our students were stranded because of canceled flights she helped us make sure that our hosts were able to house them. She made herself available to us and our students all weekend and accommodated last minute changes with students.

Transportation Department*, Westchester

Recognized by Amanda Scully and Danielle Catalano, Administration PLV

This nomination is for Francoise Crespo and the entire Transportation Department. They spent countless hours ensuring our Pace vehicles are in safe working condition and safely transporting our student, staff and faculty members. They truly are the driving force of this University and should be recognized for their great work.

I nominate the entire General Transportation department as they are a crucial necessity for Pace. They went above and beyond to ensure our student's safety and comfort in most basic needs during the University's gas leak in PLV on 2/18/15.

*Random drawing movie ticket winner for Transportation Team is Freddy Vargas.