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January: Goal Setting

Happy New Year! For many people this is a time to review what we have accomplished and establish new goals for 2014. Setting goals can also be a very overwhelming experience. With a little planning and support you can take the steps to improve your quality of life.

Establishing SMART GOALS

New Year’s is a great time to look back at your successes and challenges that you experienced over the year and make goals to improve for the upcoming year. Sometimes the New Year is seen as overwhelming because maybe we did not accomplish what we wanted to in the previous year. One way to make this task less daunting is to establish goals that reasonable and obtainable. Making a plan will keep you on track and make 2014 a success. Here are some strategies for creating and achieving goals:

Setting Weight Loss Goals

One way of the key ways to prevent disease is to maintain a healthy weight. If you are not a healthy weight, taking steps to lose weight can be seen as a challenge. Creating reasonable goals and making a plan to achieve your weight loss goals will guide you to a path of long-term weight loss.

Need more support? Help organize a Weight Watchers at Work Program© on your campus! For more information, contact the Employee Relations Coordinator at extension x22645.

Financial Goals

Money management is one of the biggest stress drivers to impact individuals and families. Many things in life take a backseat to our finances. One way to minimize this stress to establish financial goals and create a plan to achieve them. We want to see you live a long life and not be stressed out on how to finance it.

Looking for more information on Retirement Planning? Visit Pace's Pre-Retirement Planning website!

Making Time for Fitness

We all want to be healthy and active but often times we don’t know where to start. By taking small steps and creating goals around these steps you can get on the path to fitness. Here are some tips on how you can achieve your fitness goals:

Join the Goldstein Gym on the Pleasantville Campus! For more info, contact Jeremy Pouncy.

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