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November: Gratitude

Boost your health with a dose of gratitude!

While it seems pretty obvious that gratitude is a positive emotion, psychologists are now learning that it can make you happier and change your attitude about life - like an emotional reset button.

Studies also show that when you stop and “count your blessings,” you not only shift from feeling bad to feeling very good, but there are amazing health benefits as well. Practicing gratitude regularly can create a more positive outlook, improved mood, reduced stress, and increased fulfillment. Here are some tricks for cultivating gratitude (or paying attention and noting the abundance in your life):

Keep a gratitude journal. This is the most common gratitude practice, and one of the most effective according to research. Get a journal and write down 5 things you are grateful for. You can do this each night before bed, or even just once a week, but do it regularly. It’s not how often you do it that counts—it’s how regularly and how sincerely.

Post positive reinforcements such as quotes, notes or cards from friends or family, and pictures of an amazing day you had – any tangible reminder representing all of the good things in your life.

3 Blessings Practice. Every night at dinner or at bedtime, each family member takes a turn to name 3 things you are each grateful for. This will be a welcomed respite from voicing complaints about the day.