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Why Pace

With thriving students, and committed staff and faculty, Pace creates an environment of strength and excellence.

I Like Working at Pace Because...

“...I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of working in many different units over the course of my tenure, all primarily relating to student academic engagement, career counseling, retention, teaching, and advising. In each of my roles I was empowered to create a wide variety of programs, initiatives and courses designed to promote student success and growth. I’m one of the few people who wake up in the morning excited about going to work not only because I derive such satisfaction from my various roles, but because I work with such amazing people! Pace has always encouraged student, staff and faculty collaboration, which has allowed us to build a real community of people who care about, support, inspire and empower one another. About 2 years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I was out on disability for 6 months. I am 100% convinced that the REAL reason for my recovery was the unconditional support I received from countless members of the Pace community, demonstrating their selfless and profound sense of humanity.”

Susan Maxam, Assistant Vice President of Undergraduate Education, working at the Pleasantville campus since 1989!

“...I started working at Pace University as a full-time employee in 1996 right after graduating High School. I’m a true example of Pace’s motto of Opportunitas. I have experienced significant opportunities working at Pace University. I started as a secretary in the Law School Dean’s Office and attended college at night. I worked hard to advance my career and eventually became the Director of Government and Community Relations and graduated from Pace in 2006. While obtaining my tenure with the office of Government and Community Relations, I had the pleasure of working on a variety of different projects such as the 2003 Democratic Presidential Debates, managed the 2007 NY Empire State Games that were held on the Pleasantville campus, and met President Clinton! In my current role as the Director of Administration and Communications, I have been provided the opportunity to work on the largest project the University has undertaken in 50 years. Working on the Pleasantville Master Site Plan project has given me the chance to learn and grow my career tremendously.”

Aisha Moyla, Director of Administration and Communications, working at the Pleasantville campus since 1996!

“...I like working at Pace because I like making a meaningful difference in student’s lives. Whether working with student employees, library "regulars" or the panicked late semester arrivals, I feel like my staff and I make meaningful contributions to student development. I particularly enjoy those instances when I've had the opportunity to be a part of a student’s life for their entire time at Pace and to see them develop and mature into wonderful adults. In continuing to stay in contact with them after graduation, I take a certain parental pride in their continued accomplishments and having been a part of that formative college phase. I love working at Pace for allowing me the opportunity to have these rewarding personal experiences.”

Steven Feyl, Associate University Librarian, working at the Pleasantville campus since 2001!