Pace advisor with a student.

I Make It Happen

Together, we make it happen.

The Service Standards Initiative is designed to establish and sustain a culture that ensures positive and quality student interactions with Pace administrative offices, and thus continuously improving the overall student experience throughout the University. The program focuses on key customer service standard values such as accessible, respectful, professional, accountable and proactive; applicable to both departments and individuals. Together, we make it happen.

Learn more about the I Make It Happen training modules we offer.

A Pace Service Ambassador is a School/Division representative who exemplifies the five core values identified in the I Make It Happen initiative – Accessible, Respectful, Professional, Accountable, and Proactive.

All participants in the I Make It Happen Service Standards Initiative should include an individual goal within their PMDP, which holds them accountable to the five service values: Accessible, Respectful, Professional, Accountable, and Proactive.

Celebrate your success as well as the success of your colleagues.

Name tags help to add transparency to interactions with students and other customers.

The I Make it Happen Service Initiative subcommittee on assessment recommends mapping the Student Service Initiative (SSI) as a University-wide measure. Find out more in an overview of this recommendation here.

The following Servicescape provides instructions on how to conduct a detailed audit of your department’s physical environment.

Familiarize yourself with the steering committee members, as well as others involved in the initiative, and learn how to become involved.

If you’d like to highlight the Service Standard Initiative in your space, feel free to print the poster available here.