Google Apps FAQ

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GoogleApps  General FAQ

What does my Google Apps for Education account provide?
Students will have a suite of software products that includes email, calendar, spreadsheets, presentations, and chat. Moreover, the Google Apps suite allows you to collaborate (i.e., create and share documents) in an ad-free environment.
How much is the space limit for Google Apps e-mail?
Your Gmail account has up to 7 GB and increasing. That means, no more worrying about hitting the limit and choosing which e-mails to delete. Your quota indicator, located at the bottom of any Google Apps mail page, will change from green to red if you approach your storage limit.
What if I was forwarding my Pace email to a personal account?
Forwarding should be be re-configured through your Google Apps account settings.
How do I forward my Pace email?
Go to and click on Settings in the top right corner. Then click on Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab and click Add a forwarding address. Enter the email address you would like to forward your Pace emails to and then click Next. Click OK and select the radio button next to Forward a copy of incoming mail to and also select your message storing options. Last step is to click Save Changes. Please Note: If you attempt to set forwarding via, you will receive a message stating you are not allowed to change forwarding because your account is being forwarded to
What do I need to know about documents and spreadsheets?
It's a web-based word processing and spreadsheet application. It can help you collaborate on projects from anywhere. Your documents are stored online. You and anyone you invite to collaborate can access the document from any internet-connected computer, and make changes simultaneously.
How do I log into my student Google Apps Account?
Open your Web browser and go to You will be prompted for your MyPace Portal Username and Password.
I am a student worker/graduate assistant, how do I access a department shared calendar/inbox?
Accessing departmental mailboxes (calendar, inbox, etc.) can be done by either going to and entering your MyPace Username and Password; or by using an Outlook client that has the department account as the profile. For questions or concerns about accessing departmental accounts, please contact the ITS Helpdesk at (914) 773-3333 or
Will my email be deactivated if I am not registered for classes?
Students who have not taken any classes within the past 9 months are considered inactive. Thus, your Pace E-mail will be deactivated after the 9 months period.
Can I keep my email account after graduation?
Yes. You will be able to continue using your account provided you graduated in good standing with Pace. Please note, if you do not graduate, your Pace E-Mail  will be deactivated after 9 months. Students who have not taken any classes within the past 9 months are considered inactive.

Gmail GMail FAQ

Can I search my mailbox?
Yes, Google Apps mail has a powerful built-in search tool that can retrieve the message that you are looking for by using keywords, and/or Boolean operators. Using search is by far the quickest way of finding messages
Can I add a signature to my emails?
Yes, you can by clicking on Settings and entering your signature text in the Signature box option. Signatures are added in grey at the very bottom of your message. Google apps mail does not support rich text formatting or HTML in your signature
Can I include file attachments in email messages?
Yes, you can attach one or more files to an email message.

Is there a size or type limitation for file attachments in Gmail?
Yes, to help prevent viruses, Gmail won't accept file attachments that are executable files. There's also a 20 MB size limitation for attachments.

Can I spell-check messages?
you can check your spelling at any time by clicking Check Spelling at the top of the message you're composing. Misspelled words are highlighted in yellow. Click a misspelled word to see suggestions for similar words.

Can I check the spelling for a language other than English?
Gmail automatically checks spelling in the default language selected in your Settings. To check spelling in another language, click the down arrow next to Check Spelling, and then select the language.

Can I forward all messages in a conversation (message thread) at once?
Yes. Open the conversation, and then click Forward all at the right of the message window.

Can I reply to or forward just a single message in a conversation? 
Yes. To reply to or forward a single message in a conversation, open the conversation and select the message to forward. At the bottom of the message card, click Reply or Forward.

I can't always find messages I search for. How does Search work?
To search for messages, type a word that the messages contain. Note, however, that Search matches "whole words" only --- that is, it doesn't recognize partial or similar matches. For example, if you search for benefits, Search won't find benefit or benef. Also, Search doesn't recognize special search characters, such as square brackets, parentheses, currency symbols, the ampersand, the pound sign, and asterisks.
By default, Search doesn't look in your Trash or Spam folders. To search those folders also, click Show search options next to the Search field, and then, in the Search drop-down list, select Mail & Spam & Trash.

Google Calendar Calendar FAQ

Does Google Calendar have event reminders?
Yes, by default, Google Calendar displays a pop-up reminder 10 minutes before an event. You change the reminder time by editing the settings for your calendar.

Can I set up a recurring meeting?
Yes, Google Calendar fully supports recurring meetings. To set one up, in your meeting invitation, select an option in the Repeats drop-down list.

How long do past events stay on my Google calendar?
Your past events remain on your calendar forever, unless you delete them. If you want to view past events, make sure you wait a few seconds for Google Calendar to retrieve them for the date you select.

Can I make a meeting private?
Yes, Google Calendar has privacy settings. In the event details, select Private so only others with Make changes to events privileges (or higher) for your calendar can see the event and its details.

Google Docs Google Docs FAQ

What types of documents can I create in Google Docs?
You can create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and forms.
Can I import documents, such as Microsoft Office documents, into Google Docs?
Yes, you can import the following types of documents into Google Docs:
  • Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx)
  • Microsoft Excel (.xls, .xlsx)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt, .pps)
  • Rich Text (.rft)
  • Plain text (.txt)

 Google Mobile App Google Mobile FAQ 

How do I set up Google Sync?

Go to the Google Sync for your phone page. On this page, you will find a video overview of the service, a graph explaing which features are associated with different mobile devices, as well as configuration instructions for the following mobile devices: BlackBerry, iPhone, Nokia, SyncML, and Windows.

Note: You may notice that the Google page states that Google Apps users must contact their domain administrator if they want to enable Google Sync. Please note that as a Google Apps @ Pace user, you will have Google Sync enabled for you.

How do I configure IMAP?

Step One: Log in to your Google Apps @ Pace account

  1. Enter the following URL:
  2. Log in to your Google Apps @ Pace account using your NetID and Active Directory password. If you have never logged  before to set your AD password, visit the

Step Two: Enable IMAP

  1. Click Settings at the top of any Gmail page.
  2. Click Forwarding and POP/IMAP.
  3. Select Enable IMAP.
  4. Click Save Changes.
  5. Configure your IMAP client. You can find a list of supported IMAP clients in the section below.

Step Three: Sync Your Password

  1. Go to to sync your password between Google Apps for Ed and Active Directory.

Step Four: Configure your email client

Once you have enabled IMAP in your Google Email account, you can configure your mobile device or mail client to receive email from Google Apps. Select your email client from the list below. If a mobile device or mail client is not listed below, Google Email is currently not able to provide configuration instructions for it.

Note: The table below provides general IMAP configuration settings, but you can find specific settings for various clients by reading on to the Mobile Devices or Mail Client sections.


If the email client asks for... ...then enter the following:
Your username, user id, or login
Your password Use MyPacePortal password
Your email address Your email address
Your incoming mail server
Your port number (incoming mail) 993
Your outgoing SMTP server
Your port number (Outgoing mail) 537
Your security settings: Transport Layer Security (TLS) Use Transport Layer Security (TLS)
Your outgoing mail security settings Authentication; Password; Use Transport Layer Security (TLS)
Phone Configurations
Note: Your email address for any client is
*Although Google provides configuration instructions, it is currenly unable to provide support for these clients.

Email Client Configurations
Note: Your email address for any client is
*Although Google provides configuration instructions, it is currenly unable to provide support for these clients.