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International Special Programs


Student Testimonials

I'm glad I was able to participate in Pace University. It was a good experience for me to learn all the elements necessary to improve my English reading, speaking, listening, writing and presentation skills. I was able to study and share what I learned freely. I want to make use of this experience and continue to study hard in order to improve my language ability. – Momoka S. Japan

This experience became the most memorable thing of my life. My teachers always supported me and worked hard for us. I liked my class because we talked to each other actively and my teacher answered my questions again and again. My English skills became better and improved than before I came to NY. I would like to thank my teacher for all of the things. - Mai K. Japan

Partner Testimonials

Hochschule Fresenius University of Applied Science- Germany

“I have enjoyed working with Pace University and the incredible ELI team since Fresenius University opened our New York study center in 2016 (although I believe the cooperation with Pace supersedes that). I find that the courses provide both quality and substance while keeping a student centric approach. Instructors are engaging, provide flexibility and our students are truly immersed in language learning in the business capital of the world. Academic rigor is not compromised but neither is the fact that study abroad includes everyday living experiences. The locations and facilities provided very much represent the excellent standards that Pace University follows. I find the ELI staff and faculty to be excellent colleagues – bringing professionalism and personalized details to each task. I believe Pace University has perfected a unique combination that makes customized study abroad experiences – like the ones we offer to our students – a truly ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ experience! “ -Priya Nayar, Director

Japan Women's University - Japan

"The location of Pace University and direct contacts with the diversity of Pace people provide our students with a broader worldview and evoke a more ambitious dream. This situation effectively motivates them to learn English language eagerly and purposefully. ELI instructors make our students, who were in a more or less passive learning style before Pace experience, realize that the quality of learning depends on their contributions to the class. After a four-week stay at Pace, our students’ attitudes toward studying and their future change radically." - Yumi Tanaka, Professor

Giocamondo Study - Italy

"Pace is the best university in Central Manhattan, and our students love Pace. The people/staff who work at Pace really care about the needs of our students. It is wonderful to work with people like Lisa and Jamie, but also with everyone else at Pace University. I built a great friendship with them and it is one of the best parts of my job.Our students are able to live in the Wall Street area, can see the Brooklyn Bridge from their rooms, and can walk in Ground zero. Pace University is an incredible experience for the students." - Andrea Pagnoni, Project Manager