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Skype Server 2015 Upgrade

Skype Server 2015 Upgrade

Starting Tuesday, October 31st - ITS will begin upgrading all Skype for Business users to the 2015 server and the upgrade is scheduled to be completed in December.  The upgrade will be completed in stages by school and/or administrative area, and groups will be moved to Skype server 2015 based on a schedule, starting on Tuesday night, October 31st. The process will occur overnight and may take several hours, depending on number of accounts being moved.  However, each account will only experience a brief outage of a couple of minutes during the upgrade.  There will be targeted communications to each area once we have determined their upgrade date.

There are several benefits to upgrading individuals to the new server. Below are some highlights of new and improved features.

  • Add and remove contacts from Mac clients
  • Conversation history for Mac and mobile users
  • New meeting web client with improved user experience for clients
  • Meeting features added to mobile clients
  • PowerPoint controls and admit/deny options for presenters
  • Improved performance with screen sharing
  • Initiate a call on your desk phone from the Skype for Business client (Note: Requires adding phone number info in Call Handling settings.)
  • Search Skype for Business consumer directory for contacts (Note: Will not be available immediately after upgrade.)

No action should be required. However, some folks may need to sign out and back in to enable the new features.

Skype Upgrade Schedule

Schedule Group(s)
Batch 1 Finance and Admin, OSA, EM, Facilities
Batch 2 Alumni, Athletics, UR
Batch 3 Student Affairs
Batch 4 CHP (plus students)
Batch 5 SOE and CSIS (plus students)
Batch 6 Dyson (plus students)
Batch 7 Lubin (plus students)
Batch 8 Law (plus students)
Batch 9 Remaining Provost areas
Batch 10 Remaining President's area and Adult and Con't Education (plus students)
Batch 11 Catch All (Remaining Accounts)

For additional question, you can contact the ITS Help Desk at (914) 773-3333 ( or online at