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Conference Call

Alcatel Meet-Me Conference instructions

Important: The moderator must contact the Pace Information Center and provide  the name, number, passcode, approximate time and date of the conference if outside callers are to be included. (Outside participants cannot be connected without this information)

a) This conference feature is available 24/7 for inter/intra campus direct connection. b) Operator intervention is available 8:30am-5 pm Monday-Friday.

1. How to set up a conference bridge:

  • Dial **6 - the system will ask for the extension number you require
  • Enter your 5-digit extension - the system will ask for a passcode for your conference call. Enter the last 4 digits of your extension.
  • The system will tell you that you are in a conference or you will hear music. The telephone display will show "PROG CONF: 1". As participants enter the conference, you will hear a tone & the number changes. Hint: you can program a blank key to speed dial the above instructions.

2. How to participate in a conference while on campus using Alcatel phones: • Dial **6 from any Alcatel phone on campus - the system will ask you to enter in the extension of the conference Enter in the extension number given you by the moderator.

  • The system will ask you to enter in the passcode. Enter in passcode given you by the moderator. You are now connected to the conference bridge.

3. How to participate in a conference call for all off campus persons -available during normal business hours - M-F  8:30am to 5 pm.

  • Call the Pace  Information Center by dialing 311 from any Pace telephone or by dialing  (914 773 3200) from any outside telephone line.
  • Give the attendant the conference to be transferred into.
  • As participants are transferred in, the moderator hears a tone and the telephone display shows the number of people connected.
  • Participants can be added after the conference has begun. Individual participants can drop off during the conference. One campus participant must stay connected.

To end the conference call, depress the END button on your phone. The moderator must complete this last step to end the conference. Note: while in a conference, the features on your Alcatel phone are not accessible. You will not be able to answer another call coming in; however, your voice mail will accept messages.