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The Facilities and Capital Projects Department is performing necessary construction and abatement work this summer, which will affect part of the 2nd floor on the west side of One Pace Plaza.  As a result, most of the ITS computer labs and classrooms, offices, and other spaces on the 2nd floor will not be accessible from mid-May until end of August, while the work is being completed.

Inaccessible ITS spaces will include:
  • Computer Resource Center (W202) - including all offices and computer rooms
  • Computer Classrooms - W205, W206, and Y24   

Rooms W200A and W200B on the 2nd floor (west side), and E101 in the Birnbaum Library, will remain available for use (e.g. reserved classes).  As a reminder, users can also visit the Birnbaum Library on the 1st floor of One Pace Plaza for computer access and to print using the Pharos printers.  Additional communications may be provided to the Pace community as more details become available. To view our hours of operation during summer, please visit the Hours of Operation page.

Overnight Computer & Printing Access:

Room W200B will remain accessible afterhours (when the NYC CRC is not open) and will have computers and a Pharos printer available for use.

Information Technology Services Computer Resource Centers (CRCs) provide open-access computer labs for Pace students, faculty, staff, and Alumni with a valid MyPace Portal account.  CRC software offerings include popular word processing, spreadsheet, desktop publishing, graphics software and other packages as well as course-specific offerings for the Mac and PC.  The Pharos Printing System multifunction device offers printing, copying and scanning services.


Students, Staff, Faculty, authorized Alumni, and  authorized Guests.

How to Get this Service

The Computer Resource Center (CRCs) open access computing Labs availability is located at the Hours of Operation page. Below is more information about the New York and Pleasantville computer labs.

 New York CRC Information

Location: One Pace Plaza, Room W202
# of Computers:             83 PCs (Windows 7 & 10) and 8 Macs
Software: NYC CRC Software List
Other Equipment: 5 Laser Printers, 2 Scanners, 1 Scantron Machine
Other Information:

 Pleasantville CRC Information

Location: Willcox Hall, 2nd Floor
# of Computers:          61 PCs (Windows 7 & 10) and 12 Macs
Software: PLV CRC Software List
Other Equipment: 3 Laser Printers, 1 Scanner, 1 Scantron Machine
Other Information:  


Contact the Computer Resource Center

UNew York Lab: 212-346-1698

UPleasantville Lab: 914-773-3642

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