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iStrategy Training

iStrategy Trainings
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These workshops will demonstrate how Faculty chairs may use iStrategy data 

Warehouse to help them learn more about the students in their departments.

New York
3/8, 10-12, West 200A
4/5, 10-12 Civic 25 E101

3/22, 10-12, Willcox 21
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Information Technology Services is implementing a new application to assist in retrieving useful and easy-to-read information from our Banner system. This data can be greatly valuable when performing analysis in various areas such as Admission, Enrollment, School statistics, and much more.

What is iStrategy?

iStrategy is the first and only packaged data warehouse and analytical reporting application for colleges and universities. It transforms data into information to support a broad spectrum of information users spanning institutional research, management reporting, external reporting and analytical information needs across the institution. The application provides a library of standardized metrics and descriptive attributes consistent with best practices in higher education management.


The application has a solid foundation for Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics which is all encompassed in a single data warehouse solution for all casual and power type users.

Benefits include:

  • Intuitive self-service access to reliable information
  • Rich library of higher education performance metrics
  • Powerful analytic capability to support decision making and management information needs
  • Personalized dashboards for executive users
  • “Out of the box” integration with Banner
  • An open technology platform that is easily extensible

How does it apply to me or my department?

When reviewing departmental goals and future initiatives, reports are an integral part of the process that helps in making many of the decisions. iStrategy can easily provide self-service tools that will allow individuals to extract standard and customizable data into valuable reports. It standardizes the formatting or reports, in addition to the definitions we all use for various variables.

Do I need training?

The University is moving towards building a more efficient, self-service environment which allows for flexibility and customization with regards to reporting. In order to fully understand and utilize all the great tools in iStrategy, faculty and staff will need to attend training sessions. The sessions have been developed to help users learn about the data definitions and all the available tools to create meaningful reports.

In partnership with each of the Schools, Divisions and Departments, dedicated training sessions covering the iStrategy suite will be offered. A combination of instructor-led courses and follow-up training activities will be leveraged to make certain that users have the knowledge and skills necessary to access and utilize the iStrategy tools. Training will be structured to maximize user involvement including hands-on activities as an essential part of the learning process, providing opportunities to interact and become comfortable with the new tools.

These lessons will cover Enterprise Reporting Group’s SharePoint Environment including exploring Dashboards, as well as hands-on training in ProClarity and Microsoft Excel for Banner Student Module data analysis.

Based on the area being trained, portions of the training curriculum will be customized and targeted to the role(s) of the course participants: 

To most effectively provide training, each area is asked to follow the process below:

  1. Identify a training liaison for your area.
  2. Training liaison will:
    a. Identify end-users requiring training  
    b. Facilitate room reservation / computer lab usage for training date  
    c. Contact Edyta Zych, Tech Training Manager (ext 22635 or in order to:  
      i. submit end-user list (This will assure that everyone has access to the systems and data on the day of training)  
      ii. review curriculum / request any role-based customization to training  
      iii. select a date for training  


Training Medium
Introduction to iStrategy: Part 1 Instructor-Led
3 hours (AM Session of 1 Day Course)
  • Navigating Proclarity
  • Data Layout
  • Viewing Options
  • Sorting & Filtering
  • Saving & Exporting Reports
 Microsoft Excel & iStrategy Data
  • Accessing the server
  • Populating Data in a Pivot Table
  • Pivot Table Basics
Introduction to iStrategy: Part 2 Instructor-Led
3 hours (PM Session of 1 Day Course)
  Understanding the Data
  • Data Definitions
  • Navigating the Various Report Categories
 Targeted / Role-Based Report Practicum (Admissions, Student Profile, Scheduling, Retention, etc.)
  • Guided Report Creation Workshop
  • Review
  • Solo Report Creation Workshop
  • Q&A
  • Reporting Needs Survey
  • iStrategy Take-Away Homework
iStrategy Take-Away Homework: Self-Directed Assignment
1-2 hours
To be completed before follow up session 
iStrategy Training Follow-Up Session: WebEx Webinar
1.5 hours

 TBA - Based on groups availability/schedule


What Are the Rollout Milestones?

Significant Milestones: iStrategy Data Warehouse Project
Student Module Implementation of the iStrategy data warehouse and analytics solution with enrollment, admissions, registration, and class schedule information. Provide dashboards and data drill-down capability on reports along with proper access control.  10/15/2010
Completion of end-user training  12/15/2010
Financial Aid – Phase I Implementation of internally developed process to provide Financial Aid metrics for registered, deposited, and admitted students; and merit, need-based, appeal, and athletic aid. Metrics to also include information concerning aid offered, accepted, and paid.  12/15/2010
Completion of end-user training  2/15/2011
Finance Module Implementation of the iStrategy Finance data warehouse with reports and drill-down capabilities.  3/31/2011
Completion of end-user training  5/31/2011
Human Resources Module Implementation of the iStrategy Human Resources data warehouse with reports and drill-down capabilities.  8/30/2011
Completion of end-user training  10/30/2011
Financial Aid – Phase II Implementation of the iStrategy Financial Aid data warehouse with reports and drill-down capabilities.  12/24/2011
Completion of end-user training  1/30/2012

Where can I go to view more information?

The Enterprise Reporting, ITS department has developed a site to house more detailed information such as actual Dashboards, Documentation on using iStrategy, Training Schedules, and much more. To access this site, please go to: Faculty and Staff looking for more information will need to log in with their MyPace Portal Username and Password. Please note: Student are not eligible for access.