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The University is moving towards building a more efficient, self-service environment which allows for flexibility and customization with regards to data analytics and reporting. In order to fully understand and utilize all the available University data, faculty and staff should take advantage of available training sessions.


Faculty and Staff


Currently, training is provided one-on-one and as a group by request for the Student and Finance modules. For more information regarding training on how to use the data warehouse, understand data definitions and learn about available data analytics and reporting tools to create meaningful reports. For more information email Data Analytics and Reporting,

Reporting Tools

  • Pyramid Analytics - an easy-to-use browser based application which allows users to surface data from the Universitys' data warehouse.
  • SAS Visual Analytics - a single application for Business intelligence, data and analytics.
  • Microsoft Excel (Pivot Tables) - a popular application for accessing the data warehouse for easy ad-hoc reporting.


  • Student Module Data Dictionary
  • Finance Data Dictionary
  • Pyramid Analytics v5.3 Training Guide
  • Finance Excel User Manual


  • How do I create a report?
  • How do I run an existing report?