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Staff IT Resources

New Staff Checklist

Review the New Staff Checklist for important steps need for account activation, access to systems, familiarizing policies, and more.

IT Support and Services:

ITS Help Desk
ITS representatives are available by phone, and email to assist you with any technology related questions or concerns. ITS provides remote, onsite and walk-in service for hardware and software issues for Pace owned equipment.  You can contact the ITS Help Desk through the following mediums:

Phone: (914) 773-3333

Note: The Walk-in Center is located inside the Computer Resource Center on either the New York or Pleasantville campus.

Tech Zone/Computer Resource Center
The Tech Zone and Computer Resource Center (CRC) provides open-access computer labs for anyone with an active MyPace Portal account. CRC software offerings include many popular word processing, spreadsheet, desktop publishing, graphics software and other packages as well as course-specific offerings for the Mac and PC.

Document Services
Get all your printing needs such as University letterhead, memos, business cards, in addition to high quality print and digital solutions

Educational Media Services
The Educational Media Centers (EMC) provide audio/visual services and media support throughout the university. This includes assisting the faculty and students in their academic endeavors.

Information Management Officers
Information Management Officers (IMOs) are Pace University staff and faculty designated to serve as the first source of technical support within their group and act as a "point of contact" between their group and the services provided by Information Technology Services (ITS).

IT Training 
Information Technology User Services department provides instructor-led training on key technologies being used at Pace. Many courses are offered during work hours that are free of charge and open to all employees. To register for a technology related course offered by the Information Technology Services Department please refer to the Training page and complete the on-line Central registration form.

Technology Training
Find out about Human Resources training initiatives in place to help foster your individual growth and skill development - both of which will increase your job efficiency:

Learn more about:

General IT Security Guidelines
Identity thieves are constantly trying new ways to compromise your devices and to steal your personal information.  Phishing schemes have increased significantly and are getting more sophisticated.  Users need to be extra vigilant when checking email or going online.  The steps below can also help you stay more secure.

  • Make sure you have the latest patches and antivirus updates on your computer and other mobile devices; including smartphones, tablets, and laptops.
  • Never give anyone your username, password, or any other personal info.
  • Do not open emails, attachments, or links from unknown sources.
  • Do not visit untrusted websites; this will reduce any chances of your computer or device getting infected with malware.
  • Physical security of your devices is also important; make sure you enable password PINs on your devices, in case they are ever lost or stolen.

Stay informed about reported spam or phishing schemes by going to SPAM alert and subscribe to our ITNotices Listserv, which will also provide you with additional important IT-related updates.

Guest Accounts
Request access for visiting faculty, students, temporary staff or contractors.

IT Discounts
ITS offers Higher Education discount programs for Dell and Apple computers.  In addition, many popular software programs are available at educational discounts.

ITS News
Obtain important IT related announcements and subscribe to the ITNotices-L email list to receive them in your inbox.

Supported Hardware and Supported Applications
ITS Client Support Office is a certified repair service center for Pace-owned Dell and Apple computers.  Review which Pace system versions are supported and recommendations for hardware/software.

New Employee Orientation 
Get an overview of the benefit options available to full-time employees of Pace University.

Using VPN and Remote Desktop 
Staff can access their Pace desktop computer from another computer off-campus such as your home. Pace University's Virtual Private Network (VPN) software and Remote Desktop will allow you to remotely access your computer files and programs, email and calendar, and other network resources while not having to physically be sitting at your office computer.

Wireless Access
Visit this page to learn how to register and connect your mobile device to the Pace Wireless network.